Tommy Dreamer On When King Kong Bundy Pitched An Idea To Be His Brother

With the recent passing of King Kong Bundy, many stories have been flooding all platforms of media about memories of Bundy.

Recently on Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore Podcast, Tommy shared some Bundy stories. One that stuck out in particular is when Bundy pitched an idea to Paul Heyman to be Tommy Dreamer’s brother.

He’s (King Kong Bundy) like “I got a better idea” and he’s like “What if, I grow my hair and grow a goatee and I could be ‘Chrissy Dreamer’ Tommy’s older brother, because we look alike.” and I’m my head, and this is 1997-1998. I wasn’t King Kong Bundy-esque. I’m knocking on the door of Bundy now, and in my head, after he is pitching this idea. I wanted to say “DUDE! I don’t look like King Kong Bundy, there is no way!” Paul was like ” I don’t think that would work, your name is King Kong Bundy. You have a bigger name.” and Bundy was like “No, no, no. Dreamer is over man, this is progressive thinking!”

Tommy Dreamer House of Hardcore Podcast

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