Wrestler Saves Two People From Car Wreck

Growing up, many children look up to wrestlers as real life super heroes. In some ways, being a wrestler is the closest thing that you can do to be a super hero. The only other way is to actually do something heroic.

From Chris Masters rescuing his mother from her burning home, to Davey Boy Smith Jr. talking a woman out of committing suicide, to Perry Saturn saving a woman from being raped, there are many instances of wrestlers being actual heroes.

After this weekend you can add independent wrestler Moondog Bernard to that list. First brought to attention after rising star Kody Rice tweeted about this commendable act.

I reached out to see if I could get the full story and this is what Moondog Bernard shared with me.

I recently came home from this show

 When i came home it was crazy foggy

I took back roads to avoid the po-po because my car is very loud

I live in Davenport iowa so i took highway 61

I went plenty slow and a little before long grove iowa a herd (5-7) deers leaped out

I narrowly missed them but the other side of the highway didn’t and knocked the car into a ravine

I pulled over and saw smoke, I grabbed a water bottle and ran over to the site

When i gotten there the drivers were dazed and air bags deployed, i doused their engine with the water i had brought

After calling 911 I gently pulled the driver and passenger out and layed them on the hill

Once the eldridge fire department came i told the story of what happened

I left after an ambulance came, then went home

Moondog Bernard

Moondog said he did not know the drivers and that they were just “two unlucky fellows”.

There is a theory, that if the typical driver sees someone stuck on the side of the road while driving, before the driver even gets to that person, they’ve already decided on a reason that they’d be unable to help that person in need. Moondog Bernard is not a typical person. He is a hero.

No one can truly know what would have happened had Moondog not been the only wrestler from Iowa willing to make the drive to this show. Had Moondog’s car not been so incredibly loud that he had to take the back roads. As fate would have it, two men ran into a real life hero that saved them from clear and present danger.

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