Sabu Suspended From Twitter After Another Homophobic Outburst

Earlier today a notification went off on my phone, it was a Twitter alert letting me know that ECW “legend” Sabu had RT’d our @BodyslamNet account. No clue at the time why I proceeded to pull up the app and take a look to see what I had tweeted that would garner a RT from somebody like Sabu..

Sabu had retweeted a post we made from September of last year where we shared an article that our friends at Ringside News had published covering the twitter disaster in which Sabu went on a homophobic rampage and even called WWE RAW Commentator Renee Young a f*g. Again, NOT even an article that we had published ourselves.

Sabu RT’d our post with the comment:

“Sorry Renee Young I was only jokin.. i know u not a [email protected] .but @BodySlamNet. May be ? I dont know never heard of them.”

You can see a screen grab of the tweet from Sabu below.

This of course drew a response from myself, which read:

“Best part about this, he’s talking shit to me about an article that wasn’t even ours. And, did you really just call me a [email protected]? It’s 2019 old man, being gay isn’t an insult. I am not gay however, but I have plenty of friends who are, many in the business and many not. smfh.”

You can see my tweet below, but you will notice the tweet from Sabu is no longer there as his account was suspended shortly after his comments. I personally did not report his account, I assume the twitter community took care of that instead.

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