Corey Graves And His Wife Reportedly Separated For Months & Divorce Nearly Finalized

Over the weekend, Corey Graves’ wife Amy Polinsky took to her instagram account and proceeded to air some of their dirty laundry online.

Polinsky accused her husband on cheating on her with WWE Superstar Carmella, however it now appears that was only one side of the story as it turns out that Graves and his wife were already separated at the time of his accused infidelity.

According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Graves and Polinsky have been involved in divorce proceedings for nearly six months. Graves and his soon-to-be ex-wife have also not been living together for the last two months.

Apparently, over the weekend Corey Graves informed Polinsky that he has been in a relationship with another woman since he moved out of their home two months ago. It was then that Polinsky decided to take to social media and air their dirty laundry.

It is also being said that Graves actually did not cheat on his wife with Carmella as he was accused. Graves apparently had already moved out of their house by then, and that his divorce from Amy Polinsky is nearly finalized.

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