MLW Fusion Recap Episode 45: Teddy Hart vs. MJF – World Middleweight Title Fight

Last week on MLW Fusion: Myron Reed is still growing as a competitor and got the win over DJZ by pulling the tights. Puma King and Gringo Loco put on an entertaining bout. Teddy Hart and MJF cut promo’s on each other from backstage. The Hart Foundation picked up a win over Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. Sandman got his full ass entrance and it was like being in a time machine.

Cold Open

The new “MLW Opening Logo” ends with Tom Lawlor now.

The show opens with a music video a Twitter user posted. Then there is a video of how much Davey Smith Jr. loves the Japanese culture.

Salina De La Renta cuts an Instagram promo making fun of Tom Lawlor and the ‘mark’ fans. Salina says Low Ki is entitled to a rematch. De La Renta is not worried because she knows that the rematch will be at Intimidation Games in Chicago.

Ace Austin vs. Rich Swann

  • Ace Austin seems to have some fans in Philly. He is one of my favorite up and coming wrestlers. Really want him on a JJSB show wrestling Phantasio.
  • I guess Rich Swann is a heel now? He has the weirdest promo in this company. That’s saying something with Teddy Hart and Low Ki in your company.
  • Swann’s heel turn has yet to be explained. At least he isn’t dancing during his entrance. He still did a bit of spinning and the splits while saying “suck it” to Ace.
  • Randomly the screen changed and said “Contra”. It was just for a second or two. It was either an editing error or this is a way to debut a new character/angle.
  • Ace and Rich hit three double dropkicks into a kip ups. After squaring up again. Swann relaxes on the top turnbuckle and simulates receiving fellatio. So that’s nice.
  • ACH used to be on a team with Swann but now ACH is signed to WWE. So, maybe that’s why Swann is heel? Because he no longer has a friend in the company.
  • A yay/boo spot breaks into a strike fest. I tend to have the sound off when Matt Striker is on commentary and the crowd lighting is so dark it’s hard to tell if the crowd is enjoying the bout.
  • Ace hits a reverse splash and gets a three count from the ref but the ref counted to like four or so. It was really different. Rich didn’t kick out and everyone looked confused. Now Rich is getting interviewed after bitch slapping the ref.
  • Rich doesn’t d the interview and knocks Rich’s glasses off of his face.

And I’m Like… Still no explanation for Rich’s heel turn, he definitely is unlikeable. Really glad Ace Austin got the win. The match was entertaining but seemed a little off. It was more about Rich’s character than a match though.

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Ariel Dominguez

  • I used to watch Paragon Pro Wrestling. Hammerstone was part of a tag team there and I was shocked that he wasn’t signed. This was over three years ago. I know he has progressed since then. You know Killer Kross debuted his character on PPW too. They had an eye for future talent.
  • Hammerstone cuts a super pro wrestling promo. He looks a lot different than the Thor character he played. Hammerstone wrestles in tight dress pants. I wonder what his gimmick is.
  • Alex looks like a mountain in comparison to Ariel. Dominguez is trying everything he can think of but Hammerstone is just too much in every regard.
  • Hammerstone hits a German where Ariel does a full backflip before landing. It was scary to watch.
  • Hammerstone is manhandling Ariel. Dominguez legit looks like a little baby. The crowd chants “one more time” to Hammerstone to hit his pumphandle suplex again. Hammerstone plays to the crowd then blatantly doesn’t do the move.
  • Hammerstone wins with a suplex into a side effect. It’s called the “Nightmare Pendulum.

And I’m Like… This was more than just a squash, but it really shows what a force Hammerstone will be in MLW. I can see a good little program with he and Tom Lawlor. Especially since both have signed contracts to MLW.

While the match announcements for Intimidation Games happens the ‘Contra’ thing happens again. Definitely adds intrigue.

Mancer gets a promo drinking in the street. Mancer is one of the best promo’s going out there. He is absolutely amazing. I can’t put over how much this guy means to the future of wrestling. He is a brawler and he is so damn charismatic.

World Middleweight Championship

MJF vs. Teddy Hart (C)

  • MJF’s theme song is growing on me. It still doesn’t fit his character or at least his entrance. He does grab the mic though to really put over how big of a dick he is. Rumor has it he is getting wrestlers suspended from Twitter now. Dude is the biggest douche and it’s the best.
  • “If you like ECW you’re white trash”-MJF
  • Teddy comes out with his cat. Teddy talks to the camera but the only thing the mic picks up is Teddy saying “You Pussies”
  • Teddy enters the ring with his cat and then puts Mr. Velvet on the turnbuckle post. The cat seems totally chill, I can’t believe it. Teddy does mention that he trains cats. To have a cat be this chill around that amount of noise and strangers, blows my mind.
  • Teddy is already covered in glitter from his gear. That’s something I didn’t realize that I am really into it.
  • Mr. Velvet is trying to get down now. So Teddy hands him to cat handler.
  • Teddy gave MJF a wedgie. MJF’s ass is very smooth, wonder if he shaves it?
  • The match starts with MJF getting fed up and jumping Hart from behind. Then MJF tosses Hart out of the ring and Teddy hit his head on the guardrail and hurt his leg.
  • Hart takes the Bret Hart turnbuckle bump, where they go chest first into the turnbuckle. MJF is dominate in the early goings of the match.
  • Teddy attempts to get out of a headlock by fish hooking MJF.
  • Hart is able to hit one move for a comeback and its a code red.
  • Teddy instantly plays to the crowd and doesn’t sell anything. Hart is doing what Teddy Hart does and that’s just do high impact high risk moves with little rhyme or reason.
  • MJF was able to hit a rope hung piledriver for two and turn that into an armbar.
  • They fight on the top rope and Teddy hits another wedgie followed by a top rope Canadian destroyer which led to MJF taking out the referee.
  • Teddy hits a hammerlock DDT but the ref is knocked out. Teddy has the visual pin on MJF. When Hart goes to look at the ref, MJF grabs a chair.
  • Hart counters it with a kick to MJF’s nuts. This match has absolutely zero flow.
  • Hart hits an electric chair lungblower followed by a moonsault for the win.

And I’m Like… If you love Teddy Hart, you’ll love that match. If you hate Teddy Hart, you’ll hate that match. Not much more to say. Teddy Hart is the Red Hot Chili Peppers of wrestling.

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