Joey Ryan’s Penis Defeats Pat Buck In A Light Saber Battle During Match

Earlier this month, there was a match against Joey Ryan and Pat Buck that made quite a splash on Twitter. Pat tried to combat ‘Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Weapon’ Joey Ryan’s penis, with a chainsaw. Joey’s penis proved impenetrable and over powered Pat’s chainsaw.

Pat wasn’t trying to pass the buck on figuring out the penis weakness, and came up with what he thought was a solution to his dick dilemma. A lightsaber was Pat’s weapon of choice at the most recent Pro Wrestling Magic show.

Not since Lonestar battled Dark Helmet has their been such a battle. Just when it looked like Joey was at his lowest and was about to collapse. Joey’s penis showed it’s strength and overpowered what appears to be pure plasma energy.

We here at Bodyslam hope that Pat Buck will one day learn a way to defeat the all powerful penis of Joey Ryan.

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