Virgil Claims He Ended Slavery In Tweet

When people remember the Rock ‘N’ Wrestling era, there is a number of characters that are brought up. One of the most memorable characters at the time was ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase.

The Million Dollar Man character was enhanced by having a manager. The manager ended up being Mike Jones under the character ‘Virgil’. Virgil would be seen carrying Ted’s money, giving Ted massages, never speak and would routinely take the beatings from other wrestlers when they were feuding with DiBiase.

Some would view that relationship as an indentured servant/slave and master relationship. The treatment of Virgil got worse and more humiliating and soon fans began to sympathize for him. Eventually, Roddy Piper decided to help Virgil ‘earn his freedom’ by training Virgil to wrestle.

This led to a match with DiBiase and Virgil for the Million Dollar Championship. Virgil ended up winning the championship and his freedom.

Yesterday, Virgil sent out a tweet celebrating his victory.

You all forget who ended slavery….. here’s a lesson of how to milk a lifelong career. Meatsuace still pouring in for my great great grandchildern that I will never have.

Virgil Twitter @TheRealVirgil
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