Puroresu Nihongo: Pro Wrestling Japanese Lessons

If you love Japanese pro wrestling and always wanted to learn Japanese then TNTF podcast and NOAH translator Hisame got you covered! With promotions such as NJPW, Stardom, Tokyo Joshi Pro, and NOAH attracting viewers from across the world, Japanese pro wrestling has been global success.

Have you ever tuned into your favorite Japanese wrestling promotion and thought, “man I really wish I could understand what they are saying and the subtitles are going by to fast”? If yes, then you’re definitely one of many who struggle to keep up with the Japanese language. Being able to understand even a little bit of Japanese can go a long way. If you want to learn a little Japanese to get by or aim to become completely fluent, the TNTF podcast is working to create a fun and effective program for you.

Puroresu Nihongo is a special segment on the TNTF podcast with hosts Dan and Hisame. Dan being a lover of Japanese culture and Hisame having immense Japanese language skills, wanted to created a new segment that is for pro wrestling lovers who want to learn Japanese.

Seeing wrestling fans travel abroad to Tokyo for Wrestle Kingdom 13 and the re-emergence of the Japanese pro wrestling scene, Dan had the idea to create, “fun pro wrestling focused lessons”, to help educate pro wrestling fans to better understand Japanese and Japan. As of now the segment is in its early stages but you can listen and start learning with lessons 1 & 2 which are out now.

Puroresu Nihongo: Level 1 Lesson 2
Puroresu Nihongo: Level 1 Lesson 1

Dan hopes to eventually start providing live Japanese language instruction and to even have specially made lessons for pro wrestlers who are looking to head to Japan to train and perform.

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