How Paul Heyman Found Out About The Mass Talent Exodus From ECW

On episode 8 of the House of Hardcore Podcast with Tommy Dreamer, many things were covered. From Terry Funk talking Tommy out of a pitched angle where Tommy would be shot by a sniper, to being the first pick to be an American Male with Buff Bagwell, and when Tod Gordon orchestrated a mass exodus of ECW talent to WCW.

What has yet to be covered is exactly how Paul Heyman, ECW’s Owner, found out about the talent leaving before they actually could.

So I go to Paul’s, Taz comes over and we go into Paul’s den. He goes “I need you guys to sit down. Press this button”… It’s something called an answering machine… I press it and it says “you have a message. BEEP” and it’s Bill Alfonso. Bill Alfonso is like “Hey Tod it’s your daddy, man, I can’t believe we are doing thins, this will be great, we are all gonna jump, this is gonna shock the business. Fuck Paul E. daddy.” It’s a pretty heavy message to listen to. I’m like “Why was Fonzie messed up? He left that on your answering machine? I don’t understand it. He thinks he is talking to Tod?” The next message is Bill Alfonzo again and he’s all “hey Daddy, uh, I hope Double T Terry Taylor gets this done. This is gonna be great, let me know.” And I’m like “Man, Bill Alfonso is pretty messed up, he is giving Paul Heyman all this insider information and he is thinking it’s Tod.” Paul tells me that it’s Tod Gordon’s cell phone. Here is the beauty of Paul Heyman. Back in the day when you had your cell phones, you would check your messages. How you would check your messages you would press * and redial your own number and press 1-2-3-4. Check your messages. Blah-Blah-Blah. Paul E. would say “Hey I’m gonna check my messages can I borrow your phone?” He would press “redial” and your number and code would come up. So Paul pretty much had all of our cell phone codes.

Tommy Dreamer on The House of Hardcore Podcast

So Paul Heyman found out about the ECW exodus by hacking into Tod Gordon’s phone. When people call him the “Mad Genius” they aren’t lying.

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