Triple H Reveals Future Locations For WWE’s Next Performance Centers

WWE has recently expanded and branched out opening a new Performance Center in the UK to go along with their original facility in Orlando. Triple H has hinted in the past that WWE plans for further global expansion, and it appears we have an idea where their next locations for WWE Performance Centers might be.

Triple H was recently interviewed by The National, and he discussed what WWE’s next goals for future locations for Performance Centers might be. Triple H revealed that there will indeed be another WWE Performance Center opened internationally and stated that there will indeed be on located in India. But that isn’t the only place WWE has their sights set on.

Regarding future WWE Performance Centers, Triple H said:

“I can tell you there will be a performance center in India. here will be a performance center in the Middle East. There will, more than likely, be a performance center in Latin America. We will be replicating this process around the globe, all over.”

“I see that, as you said, the product is very big there [in the Middle East], very successful there, there’s a lot of people that have a very strong interest in it,” Triple said. “If we go in the Middle East and we start to recruit there and we see that all of a sudden there’s this massive interest, there’s [a] massive depth of people that we feel have the ability to succeed, then we would go there first, or quicker.”

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