TNTF Interviews Presents: Owner of Wrestle Gate Pro – Gary Ward

We had the honor of hosting Gary Ward, the owner of the brand new UK wrestling promotion, Wrestle Gate Pro. With the growing popularity of the UK wrestling scene we wanted to see what drove Gary to create his own promotion.

Wrestle Gate Pro logo

Having been a wrestling fan since he was young, Gary used to create his own story lines using wrestling action figures. He had a talent for creating compelling wrestling stories and finally decided to go through with creating his own promotion.

Wrestle Gate Pro was then born and Gary networked to gather up talent for his roster. He managed to pull together a diverse set of talent for Wrestle Gate Pro, which included wrestlers from across the UK, Germany and even Japan.

It was finally time for Gary to put on Wrestle Gate Pro’s first show which was titled, “Open Gate”. In an effort to boost promotion, Gary began production on an on-going documentary about the creation of Wrestle Gate Pro. The documentary is titled, “Beyond the Gate” and was produced in association with Elixir Media, who also produced the award winning documentary, “This Is Progress” which gave an in-depth look at Progress Wrestling. You can watch the episodic documentary on Wrestle Gate Pro’s Youtube channel.

Beyond The Gate documentary

The overall reception of Open Gate was relatively positive. With matches that featured the likes of: John “Bad Bones” Klinger, Ayesha Raymond, Millie Mckenzie, Yuu and Mil Muertes, there was absolutely no shortage of action in the ring.

Full interview with Gary Ward

Having formed numerous partnerships with other UK based indie promotions, including Will Ospreay’s Frontline Wrestling, you can certainly expect some epic collaborations from Wrestle Gate Pro. Their next event will be “Enter the Dragons” and will feature Russian wrestler Ilja Dragunov. The rest of their scheduled events go well into July.

Enter The Dragons promo poster

We are all certainly excited and expect to see big things from Wrestle Gate Pro. As Gary has stated, “their gate is always open”.

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