NXT Recap: Episode 490

Last week on NXT: Takeover happened. The War Raiders had a viking ass entrance and then won the NXT Tag Team Championship. Matt Riddle and Kassius Ohno had a match that Riddle won. Johnny Gargano embraced his evil and beat Ricochet for the North American Championship. Bianca Belair proved Sam Roberts ass wrong by showing she does belong on Takeover. Tommaso Ciampa retained his championship in an underwhelming but strong story driven encounter with Aleister Black.

Cold Open

We get a recap of everything that happened at Takeover. That means tonight’s show is the Takeover:Hangover. Which technically is the Takeover:Pregame because these matches happened before Takeover. They are airing after though.

Io Shirai and Kairi Sane vs. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir

  • I think having these two be a team in the advent of the Woman’s Tag Team championship is tremendous. Already have a dream match of these two vs. The Boss & Hug Connection.
  • Jessamyn and Marina come out to Shayna’s music, but no horse sounds.
  • Marina has a nose protector on, which she had on during the Takeover match. I figured it was injured during the match we are about to watch. Turns out I’m wrong.
  • Even f Marina’s nose gets better, she should keep that mask on, it adds an extra something that she didn’t have before.
  • Io’s offense is electric. The crowd lights up during her part and get even louder when Kairi is tagged in.
  • Kairi and Jessamyn have a weird yay/boo spot where they keep trading the guard position and landing punches.
  • I guess the team of Kairi and Io is named “The Sky Pirates” which gives me One Piece vibes. Some Skypiea shit. We ARE!
  • When Io gets tagged back in, she ends up losing the advantage for the Sky Pirates and gets worked over by Marina and Duke.
  • Nigel says Marina broke her nose in early December. Really makes me feel like an oblivious dumbass.
  • I feel like Marina has progressed more than Jessamyn. Jessamyn is the Paul Roma of the Four Horsewomen of MMA.
  • Kairi gets the hot tag and his her signature spear followed by a scream to the heavens. Kair walks the plank and has the match well in hand.
  • Kairi and Io hit a flapjack elbow drop and Sane hits an InSane Elbow for the win.

And I’m Like… Kind of an easy win for the Sky Pirates. I think since the Pirates already have a name and more of a gimmick than half the teams in the Elimination Chamber, they should be a shoe in for a call up. Big fan of what NXT is doing and having this match was a nice addition to the future narrative of woman’s tag team wrestling.

The Forgotten Sons vs. The Street Profits

  • The Street Profits get a tremendous reaction. They are my favorite team going right now. All of my energy goes to Montez Ford though. I love Montez in a team at the moment and think the sky is the limit for him. He will probably never be world champion because racism, but I really think he has the intangible.
  • It’s weird to see “Long haired guy who is with his mom” fan, not with his mom and wearing a big ass coat with sunglasses and a ponytail. Dude changed his gimmick on us. I like to think his name is “Simon from Bitcoin” and that’s how he can afford all the front row seats. Simon sold at the right time.
  • The whole time I typed that The Forgotten Sons came out. All serious and unentertaining and shit.
  • WWE’s Chase Owens, Steve Cutler starts off against Angelo Dawkins. Angelo and Montez have singlets reminiscent of Harlem Heat. Where the straps are held together by a ring or something. It’s weird, always as been.
  • Montez gets tagged in and gets beat the hell down by Cutler who is screaming “YOU WANNA FORGET US?”. Which doesn’t make no sense.
  • Crowd is trying to clap in support of the Profits, but before Forgotten Sons started busting out sweet double team moves, their rest holds was killing the crowd.
  • Dawkins is trying some hot tag stuff, bless his heart. Montez is the everything on this team. Dawkins is adequate, but obviously the Janetty.
  • Jaxon Ryker got involved and Angelo had a staredown with him. Dawkins is trying to have a star making match, which he is doing his damndest at. I really like it, but he is no Ford.
  • The Forgotten Sons hit their finish on Dawkins for the win.

And I’m Like… Ford hit a running front flip to the outside which was the most impressive thing I’ve witnessed in a while. This match wasn’t anything special but it was fun. I don’t get the Forgotten Sons. Like, I get that they are veterans and angry, but that’s it. I guess it will take time. I’m just happy I got to see some Montez Ford, he and Bianca Belair are the future. So talented.

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