Intergender Wrestling & More WWE Departures

On our latest episode of TNTF we dove into the discussion that has been spreading across social media since the Royal Rumble. Ever since Nia Jax entered the men’s rumble there has been quite a stir around intergender wrestling.

Is intergender wrestling really supposed to be as controversial as people make it? Or is it something that people should just accept as part of pro wrestling?

Considering these men and women train and put their bodies on the line at each show that they do, should intergender match ups be more accepted?

Following our discussion on intergender wrestling, we discuss the recent departures of Dean Ambrose and Hideo Itami (also known as Kenta). The announcement of Dean Ambrose planning to not renew his WWE contract sparked surprise throughout the wrestling community. A few days later Hideo Itami was granted release from his WWE contract.

With two big names in WWE and 205 Live leaving the company and several other superstars reporting being unhappy on the roster, will this trigger a mass exodus from the WWE? Could having too much talent on the roster be a factor for superstars wanting to be released?

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