NXT Recap: Episode 488

Last week on NXT: The Forgotten Sons attacked The Street Profits from behind as the crowd chanted “Stay Forgotten!”. Bianca Belair showed no fear in a face to face confrontation with 3/4 Horsewomen of MMA. Dijakovic barely garnered a reaction from Full Sail. Humberto Carrillo and Johnny Gargano had a very fun match, Gargano is showing he can hit an on switch and just end his opponents.

Velveteen Dream Promo

  • Dream says he has something special in his sights.
  • He says that he is ready to win the North American Championship.
  • Adam Cole and Bobby Fish interrupt to tell Dream that he should dream on because Undisputed Era are winning ALL the championships.
  • Bobby Fish can’t finish a promo because the crowd is so loud with their “shut up Bobby!”. Bobby basically reiterated everything Adam Cole said.
  • Dream says he wants to dispute Bobby’s claim but only if it was okay with Adam. Dream is able to walk away before Bobby and Adam can get him.

And I’m Like… It’s weird NXT starts with promos now. That was entertaining nonetheless. I like how Undisputed Era have a year long story line starting, they will be able to have so many simultaneous feuds. Velveteen Dream asking if Bobby could have Cole’s permission to wrestle was some fantastic stuff.

Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

  • I was listening to Killing The Town with Don Callis today and he said that one time he asked Trevor Lee why Trevor wears plain black trunks. Trevor said “when I started wrestling, I was told to stand out, and no one was wearing black trunks at the time.” Don went on to say that he told Trevor that now everyone wears black trunks and you need to have some color to stand out. It really stuck out when I notice that 3/4 of the people in the mach are wearing plain black trunks. Oney usually does to but today he is wearing blue. Really makes him stand out.
  • Marcel looks like the guy I used to order food from when I owned a restaurant. Spitting image. Really trips me out.
  • Danny Burch gets the hot tag and dismantles Aichner and Barthel. Danny even hits a sickening headbutt to Barthel.
  • Marcel Barthel has one of the most beautiful Air Raid Crashes I have ever seen.
  • An amazing sequence where Marcel throws Oney at Fabian. Aichner catches Lorcan in the suplex position. Barthel then dives out of the ring onto Danny Burch. Aichner does a leaping springboard moonsault on Oney for two. Barthel and Aichner put Oney in a Doomsday Device but instead of a clothesline, Marcel hits a European uppercut. Aichner transitions into a pin but Oney rolls through and applies a single leg crab.
  • It kind of doesn’t stop from there. Big moves are being hit, men are falling left and right. Fantastic stuff.
  • This match is a legit highlight reel. This match is LIT and woke the crowd the hell up.

And I’m Like… That was a f’n match!! I had to re watch it because I got so wrapped up in the match I forgot to type anything. I am all in on this feud and need to see this match at a Takeover.. NXT tag division is bright as hell.

Io Shirai and Kairi Sane vs. Enhancement Talent

  • One of the enhancement talent is TNA’s Rebel. That’s nice. The other one is Amber Nova. I know this because she has her name all over her gear. Which is a very smart thing for enhancement talent to do.
  • Io and Kairi already look like an amazing team. They are flashy and have lots of entrance gear. Both are fantastic wrestlers. Really hope this is a team moving forward.
  • Rebel looks like a damn giant in this match. Almost as tall as the woman’s referee.
  • It doesn’t look like the enhancement talent is much of a threat to these two Joshi legends.
  • Kairi’s finish is a top rope elbow drop. Io’s is a moonsault. So their tandem finish is Io flap jacking Kairi into an elbow drop and Kairi basing for Io to do a moonsault for the win.

And I’m Like… Outside of Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, I don’t think there is another tag team in NXT. So hopefully these two stay a team but at the same time, what are they going to do as a team? Part of me dreads the main roster call ups because the superstars are no longer special and their talents are showcased less.

Marina and Jessamyn interrupt an Io and Kairi promo. So there is the only tag feud.

Bobby Fish w/ Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream

  • Where is Roddy and Kyle?
  • Before the match really gets going the story is that, Velveteen is well aware of Adam Cole on the outside and can’t focus on Bobby.
  • Velveteen hits an amazing drop kick and does his best Macho Man impression by hitting a top rope double ax handle! When was the last time someone hit a damn double ax handle??
  • Bobby can’t out wrestle Dream because Dream is too big. The one thing that Bobby has going for him is Adam Cole on the outside. Dream can’t stay focused and that leaves him susceptible to Fish’s attacks.
  • What does the back of Bobby Fish’s trunks mean? It has “INF” then the Undisputed Era symbol then “MO”. I get that Bobby Fish’s nickname is “The Infamous” but like INFMO? INFCFOSMO? How funny is it that the people that make WWE entrance songs are CFO$ and Undisputed Era’s initials are CFOS?
  • Bobby keeps trying to stay in control but Velveteen is too big and has too big of a heart. Dream is still a rookie in the grand scheme of things though and Fish is able to trap Dream in some submissions. Dream goes for a top rope Purple Rainmaker but Fish reverses into a kneebar.
  • Adam Cole gets involved and the ref threatens to throw him out but Dream rolls Fish up instead for a nearfall.
  • Velveteen attempts a Dream Valley Driver but his leg gives out. So Dream tosses Fish into Adam Cole. Bobby recovers and runs at Dream who hits the DVD and Purple Rainmaker for the win. All while selling the leg. Jumped from the top rope with one leg.

And I’m Like… Who betta than Velveteen? For real the dude shows EVERY emotion in a match, he sells EVERYTHING. The dude is a special talent and we are lucky to have him. Having Bobby Fish as an opponent is a great help as well. Great stuff here.

Ricochet Promo

  • I tend to cringe when Ricochet talks, but I am pulling for his promos to get better. HHH said that when Ricochet first came to the PC, he was afraid to grab the microphone. Ricochet seems to have gotten some bass in his voice. It used to crack a bit. I guess that’s from the anxiety of speaking. One of my favorite things about NXT is watching the performers grow.
  • Johnny Gargano shows up and says “Ric, Ric, Ric” which kinda made me laugh. Johnny said in “2019 Johnny Gargano always has a plan.” Then Johnny came in and attacked Ricochet.
  • Ric was able to fight off Johnny until Tommaso showed up to help. Crowd chanting “DIY” and “YES!” but Johnny looks surprised. Johnny just showed up to beat up Ricochet, not reunite with Ciampa.
  • Aleister Black runs to the ring and attacks Ciampa. Black is relentless in the attack and Johnny sees this.
  • Without thinking Gargano runs in the ring to save Ciampa as the crowd continues to chants “DIY”.
  • Ciampa doesn’t team up with Gargano either. Both men attack their Takeover opponents without explicitly teaming up. Very compelling.

And I’m Like… This DIY story is INSANE! It’s gone on almost three years now and is still developing. This could be the best feud this decade.. Maybe this century. I am astounded at how amazing the storytelling is. Johnny is ready to shake Ciampa’s hand and his wife Candace runs out to tell him “NO!”. Candace is telling Johnny not to fall for it. That Johnny isn’t Tommaso. Just tremendous work. I honestly can’t get over the feelings I develop while watching DIY’s journey.


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