TNTF Interviews Presents: Lufisto

Live from the BCW Queen of the North tournament, the boys from the That’s NOT The Finish Podcast had the privileged to sit down with the legendary Lufisto. 

While the crew set up for the event we were able to discuss with Lufisto some questions regarding her wrestling and personal life. It turns out that she is in fact a huge heavy metal fan.

When asked about which bands she likes the most, Lufisto mentioned Metallica, Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold as some of her top favorites. Lufisto added that music helps her get through the ordeals of everyday life.

As someone who has transitioned through various gimmicks in the industry we asked about some of her favorites that she has previously done. Lufisto said that she loves being her current gimmick, “The Wounded Owl”.

You can check out the full interview below. Some other topics that are discussed include deathmatch wrestling and how Lufisto overcame a heart condition known as ASD.

Lufisto TNTF Podcast Interview
TNTF Interview with Lufisto

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