Hottest Women in WWE History

Hottest Women in WWE History

For people who are not well versed in this issue, wrestling is a competition for strong men in strange costumes. But in fact, the major shows, such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), don’t take place without the participation of women. Those days when women performed the function of journalists, asking champions backstage questions have already gone. Now beautiful women are an integral part of the show and perform no worse than men. So let’s look at them.

1. Candice Michelle

At the age of 19, Candace began a career of a model. Her debut was so bright that the girl was invited to work in movies. The career of an actress is rapidly developing, but Candice surprises everyone with her choice and enters into a contract with WWE. In 2004, she was in the main group of participants in the Diva Search contest and soon won the title of the female WWE champion.

2. Maryse Ouellet

Maryse Ouellet is a model that has become a professional wrestler. The girl has two WWE championship titles. From 2014, Maris is married to wrestler Mike Mizanin, whom she met 7 years before the wedding.


3. Melina Perez

Melina was born in California, but she has Mexican roots and can speak Spanish fluently. Unlike many diva wrestlers, Melina said she was not going to flaunt her charms, undressing for a Playboy shoot. She became the third woman in the history of WWE who was able to win both women’s titles.

4. Natalya Neidhart

The desire to become a wrestling star passed on to Natalya with the genes. This girl is a daughter of the famous wrestler Jim Neidhart. Natalie’s first appearance on television was spectacular: she ran out of the hall into the ring and effortlessly pushed the divas participating in the fight.

5. Paige

Paige became the youngest champion among the divas. The girl was born in a family of wrestlers. There was a case in her career when she participated in a tournament against her mother and was able to defeat her. Despite her sophisticated physique, Paige has many titles and awards in wrestling.

6. Michelle McCool

Michelle is one of the luckiest divas. Deciding to try her luck at one of the Diva Search shows, she lost the fight but still signed the desired contract. This inspired the girl so much that she soon took possession of the championship belt and didn’t let a single diva touch it for two years. Having decided that the belt will always belong to her, Michel, after losing a fight suddenly, attacked the judge with her fists. Her career ended immediately after the engagement with one of the famous wrestlers.

7. AJ Lee

The girl loves comics and video games. In WWE, she created the image of the Goddess. AJ became the first diva who owned two titles at the same time. The girl actively supports the society of animal advocates and has two dogs. The diva has a tattoo on the back of her head with the date of getting her first title.

8. Beth Phoenix

Beth’s career on the main arena of the country began with a broken jaw. After a year of absence, the diva returned and immediately won the league title. Phoenix is ​​not associated with sexy costumes or perfect acting. She has a destructive power that can catch fear on any opponent.

9. Eve Torres

Eve is one of the most interesting women in wrestling. She is keen on choreography, aerobics, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. According to the Latin American diva, wrestling combines all of her favorite things. Eve likes martial arts because she has a competitive spirit and a desire to entertain the public. For almost three years, the girl showed her perfect technique and never lost. In 2012, Torres won the champion belt.

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