REVEALED: Rules For Women’s Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match

WWE certainly made things interesting when they decided to make the match for the WWE Women’s Tag Title an Elimination Chamber match. After all. that wasn’t expected.

WWE recently announced the rules for the match, and it looks like it will be a free-for-all and might not really work as a tag team match. However, WWE still does seem to have plans for the match.

Here is what WWE announced:

“Two teams will start the bout while the remaining four duos remain enclosed in pods. At specified intervals, a pod will open at random, enabling a new team to enter the match. This will continue until all six pairs have joined the bout. If one member of a team gets eliminated at any time via pinfall or submission, both members of the team are eliminated and must leave the contest. The last tag team standing will be declared the winner and the first-ever Women’s Tag Teams Champions.”

It is interesting to note they said ”specified” intervals instead of two minutes or whatever time it usually is. We will have to wait until February to see how the match turns out. Hopefully, it is a good one.

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