Another 205 Live Superstar Possibly Making The Move To RAW Or SmackDown LIVE?

On a recent episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, she spoke to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy. Lilian shared a very interesting and highly plausible theory as to what the outcome of the Cruiserweight Title Fatal Four-way match at the Royal Rumble might be.

Lilian goes on to explain her reasoning for believing that Buddy Murphy will drop the Cruiserweight title in Phoenix, but that’s because the company has bigger plans in store for him.

Regarding Buddy Murphy’s match at the Royal Rumble and future with company going forward, Lilian Garcia said:

“So I was thinking about this 205 Live, there’s something about it that’s really come to life and you’re Cruiserweight Champion and you’re getting ready to go to Royal Rumble now and have a fatal four-way. Who knows what’s going to happen?”

“I’m going to give you my two cents […] The way I see this mapping out kind of. I have a feeling you’re going to drop the belt and the reason why is I have a feeling you’re going to be going to Raw or SmackDown sometime soon.”

Even though Murphy didn’t shed any light onto what the plan for him is, he did however discuss the journey that he took to finally make it to the 205 Live roster.

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