The Young Bucks Give More Details Regarding WWE Deal

The Young Bucks spoke to CBS Sports, where they talked about the negotiations they had with WWE before they announced that they would be signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Nick Jackson mentioned that WWE’s offer was very aggressive and the brothers believed they might have gone to WWE at one point.

“For a moment, I thought that we would probably be going to WWE. That was the closest that it’s ever come to us going there, for sure. And they were great. They were respectful, and they told us what our value was. I think it was really like a wake-up call for us. It was almost like, wow. It’s good to be wanted. These guys, they’re teaching us we are valuable and we’re worth this much. It was definitely something we were considering, and it was hard to turn down, because it would have been life-changing.”

Matt said they did what was best for their families and also noted how WWE was friendly during the negotiations.

“We just had to do the best thing for our families. We’re family men, and we just want to take care of them, and we want to make the best decision, and we want to be home,” said Matt. “But again, with WWE, they were pretty much willing to do anything. Any type of concern we had, they had something good to say about it and how they would fix it. I can’t stress enough how friendly and how great they were to us. And I have nothing but good things to say about them.”

WWE were trying to sign the brothers to a three-year deal, however they signed a five-year deal with All Elite Wrestling in the end.

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