Top Salaries 2019: MMA vs WWE

Top Salaries 2019: MMA vs WWE

When it comes to the world of MMA news, one of the most hyped topics are the salaries these fighters earn. Yes, the job is stressful and dangerous but they get a hefty amount for entertaining the viewers. With MMA module becoming more and more similar to WWE, who are winning the race of high bank balance this year? We are just as intrigued as you are.

UFC top salary charts

On average, UFC players earn less than WWE players but some players are here to break the barriers once and for all. We are talking about Connor McGregor and his $100 million contract. This high payout is here to break the myths that UFC players are not getting the amount of salary they deserve.

Breaking the glass ceilings and making much more than the male contenders, Ronda Rousey is here to stay with her $12 million plus salary! She is also giving tough time to WWE fighters and claiming her position as one of the top five highest paid fighters in both WWE and UFC.

With kickboxing and martial arts combination, Alistair Overeem is inflating his bank with cash worth of $ 6 million. Not to mention the commission he gets from all those merchandise sales. Being in the field for more than 20 years, Anderson Silva has managed to earn more than $6.8 million in his career with back to back winning streaks in the ring.

Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping are also in the race of highest paid UFC fighters with a humble earning of more than $7 million. There is a reason why fighters risk so much when they play for these championships.

WWE top salary charts

Between WWE and MMA fighter’s salary, WWE is still reigning in the field of high dollar bills overall. Let’s start with the salary of one of our favorites, John Cena. You can’t see him but you surely can guess his high bank balance and net worth. This super popular wrestler and actor is winning millions of dollars alongside fans’ hearts. With around $8-$9 million signing money and commissions for merchandise sales, John Cena is getting in the top salary charts faster.

In WWE, the one with the most lucrative contract would be of Brock Lesnar’s. He recently signed a five years’ contract with an annual salary of $10 million! In terms of merchandise sale money, he makes more than everyone else! To be precise, he makes around $100,000 from solely merchandise sales’ commission. Popularity surely has its perks.

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton had their contract updated recently. Each signed a contract of around $5 million. Whether you love them or hate them, they are making money on both ways. Sometimes you get paid more for playing the role of a villain than that of a hero. I guess this tactic works for a lot of WWE fighters.

Seth Rollins, The Miz, AJ Style and Dean Ambrose are earning tentatively $2-$3 million annually. For UFC fans, this might sound harsh to you but even the low-key WWE fighters earn more than some of the top UFC fighters.


The surprising factor to consider here are that the annual revenues of UFC is increasing at a staggering rate whereas that of WWE is somewhat consistent. Despite the high revenues, WWE players earn more in average compared to UFC players. Therefore, money and popularity are not the issue here. But what is the reason behind this discrepancy, we are yet to discover.

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