Jim Ross Says Finn Balor Becoming #1 Contender Felt Fresh

On the latest episode of the Ross Report, Jim Ross spoke about the recent rise of Finn Balor. He would say that Balor becoming number 1 contender on Raw felt fresh and new. Below you can read some of the words Ross said on his podcast.

“The Finn Balor that I saw last weekend in England, in Blackpool, is the Finn Balor that I want to see on a regular basis in WWE. I don’t need a disingenuous smile for no reason. Smile if you got something to smile about, but quite frankly the presentation of Finn on Monday Night RAW has been underwhelming at times and I think that effects his work as well. Why wouldn’t it? It certainly would mine. So I’m happy he’s getting this opportunity, and win or lose, that’s where we are. I guess what you gotta think about this match is Balor could he upset Lesnar and be the Universal Champion heading into WrestleMania? Certainly could. He certainly could. Wouldn’t shock me a bit, but you gotta wonder who is it that WWE would want in that title match at WrestleMania? I keep hearing that they want Lesnar and Rollins. Okay, then if you know that’s what they want then Balor will do the honors at the Royal Rumble, but he’ll go down in a blaze of glory with an amazing story being told. Or maybe Balor’s their guy and they’re going to have them match up let’s say Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. Well you know the match is gonna be badass and I’m not talking finishes right now and all that stuff, but you gotta look ahead at what might be on the horizon booking-wise and the destination for booking in WWE is and always will be WrestleMania. So whatever plans in an ideal world of booking that the WWE wants to feature at WrestleMania obviously will affect the finishes of not only on television but specifically on the PPVs in between now and WrestleMania immensely.”


“I thought it was the Finn Balor show. He felt fresh. I’m not going to engage in any conversation with the fact that Balor’s ‘too small to make a difference’ because I’m not gonna waste my breath or what brain cells I have left to try to make sense of that theory. It’s not very accurate. It’s got lots of holes in that one. So bottom line: if the pro wrestling match is structured, as I’m sure it will be, let’s say with Balor and Lesnar, Paul Heyman involved then I got no issues that it wouldn’t be a very exciting match with false finishes that on Lesnar that will scare the hell out of a Lesnar fan”