Gail Kim Speaks On Balancing Sex Appeal & Athleticism

On a recent Impact Media Call, Gail Kim discussed the struggle to balance being sexy in the ring and the desire to be viewed as a legitimate athlete

She also spoke of as Victoria’s legacy since she announced her retirement.

Here are the highlights from the call:

“I’ve always said there’s always been room for both, it’s just a matter of doing it. It doesn’t have to be all wrestling or all sexy. As I’ve said, my first time in WWE there was such a great balance of that great women’s division on RAW with Trish, Victoria, Jazz, Molly, Ivory, and on the other side you saw Stacy Keibler and Torrie [Wilson] and Dawn [Marie], all of these girls who were fine with being in the ring, but maybe were not as passionate about the ‘pro-wrestling’ aspect of the business. Maybe they just liked to entertain more and I love that, but I know Scarlett can wrestle. I’m very sure that she’s open to that as well. I’d like to see a blend of it all, the fans would like to see it. There shouldn’t be any rules; I get it’s the Women’s Revolution, but girls can be just as confident and strong in that role as they are in wrestling.”

Gail also spoke about Victoria and her legacy:

“I would hope so. I really, truly believe—she was one of my favorite opponents—she was definitely my favorite opponent in my first run with WWE. We quickly became really good friends, and we’re friends to this day. If you’ve ever met or talked to Lisa, she truly is the life of the party. She’s so fun and people just love her and they’re drawn to her. She’s always worked so hard and has been so giving to everyone; she’s a good soul. I think she never got a proper sendoff, to be honest, and I hate seeing that. I hate when people—in the male category, let’s take Christian—we never saw him get a proper sendoff. I just want to see those people that gave so much to the business get that proper exit out so that they can have closure and be content. I was very fortunate to have that in my career, and I want that for her as well. I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know who she’s going to wrestle last and when it’s going to be [her final match], but she should be really proud of her career and who she is as a person as well.”

Credit: IMPACT. H/T Wrestlezone