Exclusive: Lucha Underground Contract Information & Reason Why Talents Feel They’re Being Held Hostage

The pro wrestling world is currently experiencing a boom that the industry hasn’t seen in maybe decades. The buzz surrounding the free agent market has been a hot topic of discussion almost daily, with reports of talents declaring their free agency, others requesting releases from their contracts, and big money signings of top talent to exclusive contracts.

One promotion that has been making headlines recently is Lucha Underground. Many talents under contract with the company are unhappy and want out of their deals, one star that recently announced their departure from the promotion is Shane Strickland, known as the masked wrestler Killshot in LU. However not all are as lucky as Strickland to have been able to get out of their contract and hit the free agent market.

One talent under contract with Lucha Underground has spoken out and voiced their displeasure with the promotion, Ivelisse took to social media where she commented on her contract situation saying that she is basically being held hostage contractually by the company.

Ivelisse stated that she had previously been unhappy with the promotion but was talked into re-signing through season 5 with a promise that if she was unhappy still after season 4 finished that she could opt for a release. However, with the promotion having finished up their fourth season on the El Rey Network, it has been reported that network officials are in no hurry to begin production on a fifth season of Lucha Underground. With talent such as Ivelisse under contract through a fifth season, and no word or rush to begin filming the season, many wrestlers are left feeling like they are held hostage during this free agent boom the industry is in the middle of, and are being blocked from working for promotions such as AEW while still contracted to LU.

In an update to the situation that Ivelisse and others are currently in involving their contracts with Lucha Underground, sources have told me some new details and information regarding the contracts that these talents are locked into.

Sources have told me that these contracts prohibit talent from working for other top promotions for nine months AFTER the final episode of the season has aired on the El Rey Network. This is interesting because seasons of Lucha Underground have previously been filmed six to nine months in advance. This technically locks talents under contract with the company up for 18 months at least before being able to sign elsewhere.

Not to mention the fact that the El Rey Network and Lucha Underground are in no hurry to even begin filming the potential upcoming fifth season of their series. So as you can see this technically leaves these talents stuck locked into deals with a company for an unknown amount of time without the option of signing elsewhere. Talents are said to potentially be looking at a year and a half minimum before they are able to take advantage of this crazy high dollar free agent scramble currently happening.

We will keep you updated as we hear more regarding Lucha Underground and unhappy talents under contract with the promotion.

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