High Spot Podcast- Gail Kim on the possibility of one more match with IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling’s Gail Kim was today’s guest on The Press Podcast with Josh Matthews & Ross Forman. The Hall of Famer addressed the state of the Knockouts Division and also took questions from the media. With the recent turmoil between Tessa Blanchard & Gail Kim, Jeff Martin of High Spot Podcast & Bodyslam.net asked the former Knockout about the possibility returning to the ring for one more match. Below was her response.

Gail Kim“Depends on the circumstances and how far I’m pushed (by an opponent) and also I think it goes honestly by how my body feels at the moment because still to this day since I retired last February my neck gives me a lot of problems on and off. I pretty much look normal in day to day life. but that doesn’t mean I can have a wrestling match. I am getting an update on my back currently just to see where it’s at just because it was bothering me, so if I feel good and the circumstances did a rise I wouldn’t object to it. I don’t know I mean I’d want to see how bad the fans want it you know because that’s what it really comes down to, do the fans want to see it. If the circumstance did a rise that the fans wanted it then that would probably be the number one reason why I did it, otherwise you know if nobody cared why would I do it, why would I put my body through that.”

Jeff Martin & Bryan Burga from High Spot Podcast cover IMPACT Wrestling’s Press Pass Podcast for Bodyslam.net

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