205 Live Recap: Episode 112

Last week on 205 Live: Noam Dar and Tony Nese had a bland leading the bland match. Cedric Alexander and Hideo Itami blew the lid off the place with a barnburner of a match that had one of the sickest spots I’ve seen on the show. All four men are now named for the Fatal-4-Way Crusierweight championship match.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick recaps last weeks victory by Hideo Itami. Itami, Kalisto, Tozawa and Buddy Murphy are named for the championship match. Lio Rush and Lince Dorado are gonna wrestle tonight for the first time. Main event is Buddy Murphy issuing an open challenge.

Lince Dorado vs. Lio Rush

  • 205 Live is Live again so the show airs on Tuesdays and not Wednesdays. Nigel McGuinness is not here tonight because he is helping the UK Performance Center.
  • Lio Rush calls this “Lio-5 Live”. Lio is getting “what” chants while he cuts a promo. It’s not Lio’s best work and gets very little interest from the crowd.
  • Lince comes out with the Lucha House Party and Lio says that Lince can’t beat him without the help of the LHP. So Dorado sends his partners to the back.
  • Lio jumps Lince from behind. That’s a nice little bit to add sympathy to Lince and give Lio no excuses if he loses.
  • Dorado gets some shine on early in the match. Dorado’s offense is more aggressive than I remember.
  • Things get weird when Lio upsets Dorado and they try and “brawl” but Dorado goes for a pin attempt while Lio throws toddler punches. Super weird spot.
  • Lio kicks Lince back first into the ring post and kicks Dorado’s right knee and Lince flips off the apron to the floor. The camera angle made it so you couldn’t see the kick and Dorado looked to just front flip to the ground at his own will.
  • Lince is having trouble hitting offense because Lio is faster and Dorado isn’t used to someone being faster than him.
  • Percy Watson theorizes that Lio Rush is a bit jealous of Lashley and maybe wants the same respect that Lashley has on Raw here on 205 Live. Percy is doing a very good job at color commentary tonight. Makes me miss when Watson was first starting out and he would just say one or two words every couple of minutes. “Oh MAN!” “WOW” for the whole match.
  • These dudes are pulling off some fantastic moves and are setting up a pretty good match, but the crowd is just dead. Watching the crowd during the match, they are watching but it doesn’t look like anyone is enjoying themselves. Like at all.
  • Man, even when there is sympathy spots where the crowd naturally claps for support of the good guy isn’t happening. Lince is diving to the outside, hitting three consecutive moonsaults and there is crickets in the damn crowd. It’s sad.
  • Lince keeps getting nearfalls but they aren’t too believable because Lio Rush looks DIRECTLY at the ref during the pin to know when to kick out. The whites of his eyes are very noticeable and draw attention during the pinfalls.
  • Lio Rush hit the Final Hour frog splash for the win.

And I’m Like… I think that match was good? I kind of enjoyed it, high spots, told a story and the wrestlers had good chemistry. The crowd was just so quiet that it brought the whole match down. I don’t think I’ll ever watch this match again but it was entertaining for a one time viewing.

Noam Dar gets promo time in the back about his win over Tony Nese. Noam has SUCH an accent that all I understood was that Tony Nese is a dafty. Tony shows up and recites his script like he’s trying out for the middle school play. Tony is basically told he doesn’t get a rematch with Noam because Dar already beat Tony.

Drake sends some more ref’s to check on Lince Dorado because of a Lio Rush post match attack. TJP shows up and acts like someone with super low self esteem and social anxiety trying to act cool.

Kalisto cuts the cringiest promo. The Kendrick cuts a promo for Tozawa about how Brian is training Akira. Daivari speaks for Hideo Itami and how Itami is a hungry man.

Buddy Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo

  • You know what gets slept on? Buddy Murphy’s swagger. The dude saunters to the ring and just oozes confidence. The man carries himself like he is someone very special.
  • The plus side of the lack of reaction to Humberto Carrillo is that every wrestler on 205 Live doesn’t get a reaction.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Humberto, you can check out the archives
  • When Buddy Murphy talks I feel like he should manage The Flight of The Conchords.
  • I was at an NXT Live event and Humberto was the only dude who got a standing ovation after his performance. This match should be very good.
  • The match starts off with Buddy working over Humberto’s arm.
  • Carrillo starts fighting back and is able to outwrestle Murphy. Buddy is impressed and so is the commentary team. The crowd? Not so much.
  • The timing with these two is a bit off and you can tell that both men are just waiting to perform the next spot. Really takes me out of the match.
  • Humberto is able to exploit opportunities to gain the advantage but he is still so green and gets over zealous. That leads him to make a mistake that Buddy capitalizes on to keep control of the match.
  • Buddy gets Humberto on the apron and goes for some sort of move that Carrillo reverses into a back body drop on the apron.
  • Humberto really has Buddy in some trouble.
  • The match is beginning to get smoother and more organic.
  • Even though the crowd isn’t reacting, the match really hits its next gear when Humberto hits a GORGEOUS missile dropkick to the back of Murphy’s head.
  • It wouldn’t be a 205 main event match if there wasn’t the obligatory fight on the top rope. It’s crazy how much these dudes are killing it and how little ANYONE in the crowd is reacting. Alabama is a trash town for crowd participation.
  • Both men trade suplex attempts and then Buddy Murphy falls to the ground favoring his knee. The ref hasn’t called the match but Buddy takes his knee pad down.
  • As another ref comes out to check on Murphy, Buddy is limping around the ring in pain. Humberto is starting to let his guard down and wants to start an applause for Buddy.
  • Murphy is just playing opossum and the pace of this match really went up a few notches. Really good stuff.
  • The crowd is actually standing and reacting to the final segments of the match. When Buddy Murphy hits “Murphy’s Law” and gets the win, the crowd counted along with the pin.

And I’m Like… Humberto is a perfect addition to 205. He will probably need one of those friends that speak English like the other non-English speaking wrestlers on 205 Live. I just wish the WWE Universe cared. This show would be the best wrestling show if there were crowd reactions.

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