AEW Rally Coverage

Rally streamed on January 8, 2018 at 5 pm ET

Fans of The Elite anticipated the announcement of All Elite Wrestling on New Years Eve. The fans were not disappointed by the announcement but questioned, what is the future of AEW, who is signed, and how will it change the future of wrestling?

Questions kept circulating around the internet and what AEW has in stored for the fans. The Elite advised that most answers to everyone’s questions will be answered at the rally.

Here is the rally from Being the Elite on YouTube.

What to except when watching the rally.
Talent Signed:
SCU, OWE Good Hearts, Dr. Britt Baker, Maxwell Jacob Freedman, Joey Janela &Penelope Ford, PAC, Chris Jericho,
Billy Gun-Producing AEW (announced on twitter)

Cody discuss pay with talent and fans. Wins and losses.
The Young Bucks discuss the success of All In 2018. That all athletes that are elite will be welcome.

May 25th Double or Nothing will take place at Las Vegas at MGM.

Brandy discuss responsibility and commitment to AEW. Also a women’s division will be in AEW with equal pay.

Hangman discuss the fans being his boss not someone in corporate. He is hungry for a championship and wants to be the 1st champion for AEW. PAC challenges Hangman stating he is not a champion and leaves.

Cody and Young Bucks announces 2nd show will be in Jacksonville, FL portion of proceeds will go to victims of gun violence.

Chris Jericho announces he is with AEW. He wants to do something different and new.

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I am Ashley Rose on signing out.