Exclusive: Update On Indie Wrestler Lashing Out With Homophobic, Racist, & Body Shaming Remarks On Social Media

There was an incident on Social Media Thursday where an independent wrestler lashed out on her trainers, bookers, and even fans. The wrestler Ava Whiteheart made homophobic, racist, and body shaming remarks towards fans which stemmed from her claiming that her trainers were perverts.

Here is the claim from Whiteheart: “That’s because everyone is a pervert, saves females’ asses in their phones, talks about their wrestlers’ tits etc. I WILL expose. Play with me. Ugly. “

Ava was being trained at Paradise Alley Professional Wrestling in East Haven, CT. I have worked with this company since July doing media, covering their events and other tasks.

Ava was being trained by former WWF Wrestler Mario Mancini one on one after she was taken out of group training because she did not work well with others. She had previously been involved in other altercations with wrestlers on the roster and had even grown angry during training and walked out during sessions.

Ava was known to have attitude issues herself and was rude to other fellow wrestlers and trainers. She had to be trained one on one to avoid more altercations. I was told about the first altercations about a month ago, and witnessed numerous others first hand. But the big blow up on social media happened on January 3rd. All of this has been escalated for over a month and should not have gotten to this level.

Whiteheart claimed the trainers at PAPW had inappropriate pictures of her, which there were not. These pictures and videos were of her training in the ring and not the way she has depicted them. However, it is ironic she is mad about these so called ‘inappropriate’ pictures of her when she has more than half naked pictures of herself on her Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some samples of what she said to fans and trainers:

In response to a Facebook post Ava replied by simply calling the person a “fag”. This started a whole slew of comments, some highlights include her saying “I can’t wait for you to die of aids”, and even calling a fan a “retard” when clarifying that she wasn’t a model she was a wrestler.

When another fan responded by saying, “No WWE for you.” Ava proceeded to state otherwise, claiming that she was “well on my way,” and added that WWE was aware that she “hates gays and fat people”. Sadly this isn’t even close to the end of her social media meltdown today, you can see screen grabs of the remarks below.

It is safe to say that after this she will not probably not be getting booked or trained after this. Any type of language or actions like this can destroy someones career and sometimes their lives. In today’s world these comments are not taken lightly. In response to these comments PAPW will be having a fundraiser event for the LGBTQ community called ‘Judgement Free’ on April 13th, 2019 in Seymour, CT at the Strand Theater. Some of the proceeds from this event will go to the Trevor Project which supports and helps the LGBTQ community.

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