#WeSupportToni Trending As IWC Rallies Behind Toni Storm

Just three days into the year 2019 and Wrestling Twitter has a new topic of discussion. Toni Storm was the victim of an attacker when private video of her was leaked to the internet. In a matter of hours after the video hit the dirtsheets, Toni took down all her social media accounts.

Nudity leaks are unfortunately common for people with any celebrity status. This time though, this leak might be the one to make a change in the Internet Wrestling Community. Many fans are in an uproar, as well they should be. Many wrestlers are also coming forward to show their support for Toni. Earlier today #WeSupportToni was trending on Twitter.


To try and navigate your life and career in this world is hard enough. There isn’t a need to have something private in your life taken and shared to the world. The silver lining in this is that there are people coming together to support the victim and call the person who leaked the video an attacker.

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