Seth Rollins Defends Comedian Louis CK After Outrage Over His Jokes About Survivors Of The Parkland Shooting

As you may know, comedian Louis CK has had a very controversial 2018 to say the least, from the allegations against him of sexual misconduct and going into hiding afterward, and more. Louis has once again resurfaced and has released some new stand-up material, which once again has many people upset.

Louis CK has always been known to toe the line and push the envelope with his material, however this time many are saying that he has gone too far. Louis’ latest material which has gone viral makes fun of survivors from the Parkland shooting, and has been a trending topic on social media.

The outrage on social media over Louis CK’s bit has even reached the world of professional wrestling, as WWE Superstar Seth Rollins took to twitter and defended Louis CK and has since been under fire himself.

Seth Rollins commented on a fans tweet which was bashing Louis CK and defended the comedian by saying:

“Nooooo cmon dawg.”

“The new leaked bit is funny. Just like all his other stand up in the past”

“Out of curiosity what’s different this time around for you? He’s always made highly ‘offensive’ jokes, even going as far as to use slurs in some bits.”

Below is a tweet which includes the audio of Louis CK’s stand up routine which has been a heated topic online. Also included below are the tweets between Seth Rollins and a fan on twitter in which Rollins defends Louis CK and his recent material.

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