Mark Monday Ep. 10 – Drag Queens and Death Matches

After a two week hiatus, Mark Adam Haggerty returns with the #MarkMonday Vlog and this week’s show is absolutely bananas! First up Mark’s in #Brooklyn for a #RuPaulsDragRace viewing party with live performances by Ariel Italic & Chartruice featuring DJ Accident Report (from Nobodies Watching Wrestling)… then Saturday Mark made one final debut for 2018 and it was as the ring announcer at H20 Wrestling in Williamstown NJ. The main event was a BARBED WIRE CAGE MATCH between Ron Mathis and Alex Colon. Make sure to follow H20 Wrestling on all social media and subscribe on YouTube for the full event. You won’t want to miss it.

Thanks as always to for hosting the show, have a very Merry Christmas and we’ll be back next week following Mark’s last event – and 114th appearance – of the year.

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