The Young Bucks On What Problems They Had In TNA

The Young Bucks had a short run on Impact Wrestling before making a name for themselves in the indie scene, becoming one of the most popular tag teams in all of wrestling. They spoke to Wrestling Perspective Podcastrevealing why they left the company.

The brothers went by the name Generation Me and worked in the company from 2009 to 2011. They were split up eventually and became singles wrestlers, but neither was content with the direction. There were also financial issues.

“They split us up and we became a singles act for two months, and then for no reason at all we got back together and nothing was explained by it. So after that I told Matt that these guys don’t care about us at all so we felt that at point we felt that the writing was on the wall so we were thinking, hey, maybe we go elsewhere and then come back here and then they would take us seriously. That was our thinking at the time, but it was just a little bit of everything that happened.”

“We had a bad deal also. It was our first contract we ever signed so we’ve learned a lot since then, but it was the first deal we were ever offered so immediately without negotiating we signed it. It was a bad deal and basically, we were getting paid per appearance and they decided to keep us home for a long period of time, which meant that we were literally making $0 some months.”

There were many problems with Impact’s previous regime due to bad business practices. The brothers admitted that they accepted bad contracts due to being young. They said leaving the company was the best decision for them.

“I think it was the Bullet Club because as soon as that happened things just exploded for us. Everyone wanted to book us; our merchandise went crazy. I feel like The Bullet Club was the first thing that helped us out.”

“I think New Japan was going through this strong point where people were kind of discovering it. Once we went to New Japan we kind of took our independent fans with us from the United States to Japan, but

I think the New Japan thing happened and then things like Pro Wrestling Tees escalate what we look like as stars precision wise, getting into Hot Topic, getting our own Funko Pop, it was really a collection of series of really fortunate events that helped spark things and we just so happen to have a really strong body of work in those three years I think, and people started talking about our matches and social media got really popular at the time and we utilized that.

A lot of things. Nick and I never really quit. Once we felt that it was getting bigger we just kept putting our foot on the gas and we never really stopped until this day. We are very fortunate that things have worked out the way they have for us.”

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h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.