205 Live Recap: Episode 106

Last week on 205 Live: Cedric Alexander had someone shoot break into his car and steal his belongings while he was in my home state of Minnesota. Lucha House Party sneak attacked Mike Kanellis so that Noam Dar could pick up the win. Daivari returned and shook hands with Hideo Itami. Alexander and Mustafa Ali got the win over Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese in a really fun match.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick has a video package to run down the card for tonight’s show. Drew Gulak vs. The Brian Kendrick in a match that has been building for months. An in depth look at the championship match between Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy. The main event is a tornado tag match with Lucha House Party and TJP and Mike Kanellis. I suppose Lucha Rules are in effect so it’ll be 3-on-2.

I really like how this show starts. No other WWE show has the general manager run down what’s going to happen on the show. This should be a thing. Like Smackdown! Live has Paige narrate the opening video package highlighting all the feuds and reasons for the matches to take place that night. Then after the viewers get into a rhythm you could disrupt the structure of the show, then certain moments would feel unpredictable and exciting.

The Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher

  • As both men begin the match in the feeling out process, the commentators rehash this feud. Kendrick and Gulak were friends until Drew attacked Brian for not having a kiler instinct. Now Kendrick feels hurt and wants to prove himself.
  • Nigel said Gulak was the “Submission Magician” and like… that’s legit Shayna Baszler’s nickname!! Nigel is a commentator on NXT too!! Like, WTF was that Nigel?
  • The matches story is starting to play out with Gulak targeting Kendrick’s left ankle and Brian just trying to fight for advantage.
  • The match is pretty good with a months worth of story behind it. The crowd has made zero noise.. ZERO! Which begs the question. What would you do to get fans to care about 205 Live?
  • Gulak puts Kendrick in a single leg crab and the crowd starts to clap in support of Brian. Kendrick is able to fight out but not for long. As Drew throws punches to Kendrick in the corner, the crowd is back to sitting on their hands.
  • Like the crowd will clap when Brian is in trouble i.e. submissions and rest holds. When Brian breaks out of the hold though, there is little to no response. It’s really weird. They will him to fight back but then when he does they don’t do much.
  • There are some chants for Brian, so some people in the crowd are trying to be hype for this match. Bless their little hearts.
  • Speaking of the match, it turns into quite the little brawl with back and forth punches. Kendrick is able to apply the Captains Hook and the crowd got excited. Screaming “tap!” at Gulak and boo’ing when he got to the ropes.
  • Kendrick is able to hit a dragon suplex on Gulak for two. That was a move I did not expect to see in a WWE ring.
  • Brian hit sliced bread number two and was going to win but then Gallagher interfered to cause the disqualification.

And I’m Like… This was a great match, both men had their working boots on. The crowd took forever to react but in the last few minutes they were showing lots of interest. The last bit of the segment ended with Gulak and Gallagher standing tall over Tozawa and Kendrick. One thing I noticed is there are a lot of tight shots and close up’s for camera choice. The only time the hard camera was shown was at the end and the camera still zoomed in. I don’t know the reason for it but the ring feels so much smaller. Especially when we see replay’s of last week, the rings look to be different sizes.

Buddy Murphy sits down with Drake Maverick. Drake tells Buddy that the next Murphy vs. Alexander match is the rubber match. Buddy says that Mustafa Ali is the bigger challenge and that next week he wants Maverick to choose opponents for both he and Cedric next week.

Clay Roberts vs. Ariya Daivari

  • With Daivari’s new sun glasses and longer hair. He looks like he is in his late 40’s. I mean straight cocaine dealer in his 40’s in the 1980’s. I might just be describing Avi from the show Snowfall, but that’s how I feel about Daivari now.
  • Clay Roberts doesn’t even get an entrance or chyron.
  • Ariya wrestles in pants and a belt now.
  • You know in Eminem’s song ‘Superman’ he says, “when we fuck, I even refuse to take my jewelry off”. Well Daivari isn’t going to be Clay Roberts Superman because when they wrestle he refuse to take the jewelry off.
  • Daivari hits tons of clotheslines on Clay Roberts after already having the match won. The ref rings the bell and Ariya wins by referee stoppage.

And I’m Like… New Year, New Daivari. Meaner, refuse to take the jewelry off and rich off of cocaine sales. I like this new character and fighting style. It’s surprising but way welcomed. Hideo and Ariya bout to kick all that ass under 205 pounds.

Mustafa Ali cuts another promo that seemed scripted by only reading motivational posters.

Cedric Alexander says “Buddy says Mustafa is better than me.” and then acts like it struck a nerve with him. Then he laughs off Buddy and says “whoever steps in my way.. I’m taking them out.”

Noam Dar cuts a promo in his car… He challenges Buddy Murphy.

Mike Kanellis and TJP vs. Lucha House Party

  • I’m torn with Lucha House Party. They are genuinely good dudes that love wrestling and representing their culture. They are a great act for children too! They just are booked as always having the advantage, always “cheating” within the rules. I really groan when they come out. I want to enjoy them but I can’t find it in me.
  • With Nigel saying he can make fun of LHP because of a language barrier and then TJP coming out, I find it a bit easier to root for Lucha House Party.
  • Only Kalisto and Lince Dorado are out though, so that is good. An even two on two.
  • This is a tornado tag match. Meaning there is a lot of action, it’s fast paced, but there is little to no story.
  • Kalisto was gonna jump off the top rope onto TJP but then he was distracted because Maria had his pinata? Then after being knocked off the top rope to the floor, Maria hit the pinata more.
  • Mike and TJP get the most heat in the match by beating up a pinata instead of a wrestler! lol.
  • There is a bit in the match where TJP and Kanellis double team Lince. Then Kalisto comes from the outside and has what appears to be a hot tag moment in the middle of a tornado match. The crowd reacts accordingly.
  • So much happens that the camera doesn’t catch. The crowd says “Ooohhh” and the camera pans to an upside down Dorado and incapacitated Mike Kanellis on the outside.
  • TJP locks the knee bar in on Kalisto. When TJP was the cruiserweight champion that kneebar would tap someone out in seconds. Now Kalisto can be in it for almost two minutes and still get to the ropes.
  • Lince Dorado comes in after Kalisto was beat down for a bit to recreate the earlier hot taggy thing. Lince’s offense was way more creative than Kalisto’s and the crowd loved it. Then Lince and Kalisto pushed each other and grabbed a Santa Clause present bag.
  • They then dumped the bag out and it was tons of mini pinatas. The most PG tack spot I’ve ever seen, and I kinda love it!
  • Lucha House Party are able to hit a double team superplex onto the pinata’s. THAT WASN’T EVEN THE FINISH!!!
  •  Kanellis gets in the ring and tosses out Lince. Mike then gets tossed out by Kalisto who is hit with a move on top of the pinata’s and kicks out.
  • I wonder why the ref is allowing all of these international objects in the match.
  • Kalisto throws a pinata at Maria Kanellis, kicks Mike in the face while hitting the Salida Del Sol. Then the crowd was ready for the pin but they had to wait for Lince Dorado to do a shooting star press for the win.

And I’m Like… The way commentary is talking, makes this sound like the end of the feud. This was a fun match that was basically a smartly put together spot fest. 

And I’m Like… This show seemed pretty big. Like 205 Live doesn’t have special events or pay per views but this kinda seemed like one. Two feuds came to a head and ended on the same show. Feuds that had built for months. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. That nothing really feels special on this show because there isn’t really anything special to fight for. The wrestlers really care about wins and losses though, so that’s good.

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