Eric Bischoff Reveals Who Was The Worst Choice For The NWO

The nWo was dominant in WCW and largely responsible for WCW beating WWE during the Monday Night Wars. But it eventually grew too big for its own good and had the wrong kind of people in it.

On his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff revealed who he thought was the worst addition to the nWo. This is what he said:

“Looking back at this now and obviously having twenty years to digest all my good ideas and my bad ideas together this was clearly a bad idea. There were a number of bad ideas, Virgil was a bad idea. Ted DiBiase was probably the worst idea when it came to casting to casting the nWo. It had nothing to do with Ted.”

“I love Ted DiBiase, he’s a great guy, we see each other on the road. We hang out, we have dinner. He’s a gentleman and he’s a pro. But your’s truly in a poor decision-making mode cast him as one of the voices and one of the talking heads to kinda lead the nWo and it just was bad casting. Had nothing to do with Ted’s ability. It had nothing to do with his credibility. Had nothing to do with anything other than it was just a bad fit.”

So despite all the weird members being added to the faction over the years, nothing topped Ted DiBiase for Eric Bischoff.

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h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.