Fantasy Booking 101

We all do it. We watch WWE, NXT, Impact, ICW, GCW, JCW, WCW…ok I made up the last two. Well, WCW existed but, anyways, moving on. We’ve all watched and thought “Man I’d like to see this guy vs this guy, or this guy team with this guy.” So I thought, hey, lets have some fun.

I’m going to really only touch on WWE since I’m not familiar with the other promotions as much anymore. So first, let’s start with some tag teams and factions I’d love to see from NXT/WWE.
The first faction would be an unstoppable force. We start with Big Damo, I don’t care what he’s called now, he’s Damo to me, and always will be. Put him with Braun Strowman, and AoP. Ditch Maverick, don’t need him. These four would be unstoppable. Imagine them in a ring? These four monsters? They would DOMINATE the division. Damo and Braun’s speed for big men, coupled with AoP’s chemistry, oh man oh man…..

My second would be the Bludgeon Brothers and Bray Wyatt, once again reuniting the original Wyatt Family. This is an ageless faction, and hands down one of the best pairings in wresting. Breaking the Wyatt Family up was something that needed to happen, but it’s time to reunite. Since I believe a faction is 4 or more, I would throw in one more wild card into this family. Roman Reigns. The Big Dog. Romans strength, combined with Harper and Rowens chemistry, and Bray Wyatt’s mind games would make this pairing a match made in….crazyland.

Another I thought of is a rather unique grouping of men. Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor. Bobby and AJ’s technical abilities in the ring, combined with Dean’s instability and brawler abilities, and Finn’s unpredictable nature as the Demon, I think this would be a great faction as well. Two Bullet Club leaders, Roode and Ambrose? Yes, please!

Lets move to some tag teams. The first that pops to mind is a given. AJ and Finn, from Bullet Club days. Not the “Lets throw them in random matches and have them low blow each other” booking like AJ/Nakamura. On the subject of Nakamura, how about him teaming up with the likes of Rollins? Nakamura’s “Strong Style” with Rollins technical would make for a fantastic team up, I have to believe. It sounds unconventional as hell, but think about it. Nakamura’s style and Rollins would meld beautifully, almost like that beautiful violin in Nakamura’s theme.
We’ve covered a lot of mens groups, let’s talk women. The Man could team up with her arch rival, the can opener! No ok, for real, imagine The Man teaming with Ember Moon? The Man’s brawler submission hybrid style with Ember Moon’s high flying? Poetry in motion!

Let’s say Paige was cleared to wrestle again, just for this scenario. I think packaging her with Nia Jax would be an interesting pairing. Yes, Nia Jax, I said it. Nia’s power, Paige’s technical. As for the rest, I think the tag/factions the women have now are really good pairings. Just get rid of Rousey and give someone else the belt and we’ll be golden.
So, that’s just a filler since my other article fell through, some random thoughts, random pairings I’d always said I would love to see. What do you think? Who do YOU think would be a good pairing? Hit me up on twitter and let me know, @laurencr3 . I’d love to hear your opinions! Keep in mind, it can be ANY wrestler, ANY promotion! So what do you think?

A couple submissions from people I asked:

Brooke Owens: AJ Styles and Finn Balor from Bullet Club days, Seth Rollins and Kenny Omega

Jake Drury from Orange Cassidy vs Brock Lesnar

I’m going to cheat a bit, I said current but, imagine Joey Ryan vs Val Venis?

Cassidy Haynes owner, said he would like to see Tama Tonga vs Roman Reigns.

So, how about you? Who would you like?

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