Likely Reason For Big Show Being Written Off Of Storyline

The Big Show punched Cesaro in the face in a backstage segment before SmackDown Live this week meaning that The Bar no longer has their giant insurance policy. But this was quite sudden, even for Big Show. But it seems an injury might have been the reason why.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted: “I thought maybe it was an injury thing too because he was so immobile.” 

Bryan Alvarez mentioned that Big Show is currently suffering from a hamstring injury. He was having a lot of trouble getting in and out of the ring during last week’s SmackDown and the Thanksgiving Feast Fight. He was able to compete and took a big bump through the Thanksgiving feast table. But nothing more than that.

So it seems the likely reason for him being written off is due to his hamstring injury. This sudden departure might lead to something interesting. Especially since it hasn’t been long since Big Show partnered with Sheamus and Cesaro, thereby turning heel.

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