205 Live Recap: Episode 105

Last week on 205 Live: Tony Nese beat Noam Dar with the help of Cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy. Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick picked up another win, further cementing their new bond. Gran Metalik got a pin over TJP but Mike Kanellis came in after the match to destroy Lucha House Party with a chair to further their feud.

I attended Smackdown Live! this week and 205 Live was on the main event by the time my family and I showed up. Also, very upset with my hometown for breaking into Cedric Alexander and Lince Dorado’s rental car and stealing a fanny pack. Not Minnesota Nice at all.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick opens the show narrating a video package. First time ever Noam Dar vs. Mike Kanellis. Hideo Itami returns to 205 Live tonight after a month off. The main event is Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy.

Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis vs. Noam Dar

  • Like I said, I got in the building with one match left for 205 Live. One side of the arena was partly full and the other side was near empty. Very few people in the second level with over half of the upper level tarped off.
  • I don’t know when 205 went from “after Smackdown Live” to “before Smackdown Live” because I used to think that if 205 Live started the night the crowd would be hotter. Maybe because the arena wasn’t even half full, or maybe because barely anyone there actually knows these wrestlers, let alone be invested in them. But, the reactions are little to none.
  • Maria sits down on commentary to further he storyline and explain why her and her husband are friends with TJP.
  • The match breaks into a brawl on the outside and when Mike gets Noam back into the ring, he starts working over Dar’s back.
  • It’s crazy the character of Maria Kanellis went from dumb ditz to The First Lady of 205, smart and controlling. There hasn’t been and explanation for how she got so smart.
  • Lucha House Party come out and like stand on the entrance ramp while Mike stands and screams.
  • Noam picked up the victory after Kalisto hit a sneak attack.

And I’m Like… For real though. Why should we cheer Lucha House Party? On Raw they compete in 2-on-3 matches and don’t even have to tag each other in. On 205 they distract and attack their rival during his match, even though he waited for their match to be over when he attacked them. Noam Dar was there for the win but not really the match or the story.

The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa are working on punches with some mits. Akira starts hitting Kendrick an saying “come on!”. Slowly Kendrick’s bunches started to get more aggressive and harder.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher called The Brian Kendrick a “homeless Leonardo Dicaprio” and Gulak will face Kendrick next week.

Hideo Itami vs. Local Competitor

  • I recognized some local wrestlers in No Way Jose’s conga line but don’t recognize this one.
  • This is when I was entering the arena and my wife and daughter and I went to the first level, but we had floor seats. The arena is revamped so I don’t know my way around yet! We heard Hideo’s music and by the time we got to our seats the whole segment was done and the main event was starting.
  • Hideo is mean and doesn’t let Local Competitor get any offense in.
  • Hideo wins with his new finisher that doesn’t have a name yet but still uses his knee.
  • Ariya Daivari came out. It’s his hometown and this is his first time on 205 Live in SEVEN months.
  • There was a small chant and small pop for Ariya who looks like he is about to battle Hideo but beats on Local Competitor.
  • I sat next to some dude who claimed “My girlfriends best friend used to date him. We checked her snap story today and they were hanging out. He wants her but she don’t want him, and he does coke.” I just looked and nodded. Then dude said something about a pizza place and Ken Anderson’s wrestling school.
  • Daivari and Itami shook hands.

And I’m Like… That match was short and sweet and reminded us of how vicious Itami is. It also set up the return of Daivari and shows Ariya’s alignment. Not much to write home about. The most interesting thing was dude in the crowd but he didn’t even talk to me until way into Smackdown. After pushing my pregnant wife out of the way to try and get New Day pancakes… Wrestling fans are great, but some are fucking weird.

TJP is backstage talking to Drake Maverick about how TJP is the best. TJP referenced Drake pee’ing himself and Kanellis showed up. Mike says he wants TJP to help him fight Lucha House Party. TJP said he already beat all of Lucha House Party and took all their masks. Maria says TJP owes them a favor because they helped TJP win some matches. Maverick says he will consider it. Maria wants a tag team tornado match, which makes sense because LHP don’t even tag. Makes the playing field a bit more even.

The backstage segments were not shown to us in the crowd. Lot’s of waiting in between matches.


Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

  • From where I was sitting the loudest pop for the competitors in this match was Buddy Murphy. Even Though the only chant during the match was “Ali”.
  • Cedric and Tony start with a feeling out process that Alexander seems to get the better of.
  • Mustafa and Buddy both get tagged in and pick up the pace a bit. Buddy sees that Ali tagged Cedric and quick tagged Nese in. Nice little story there.
  • My wife was quick to notice Tony Nese’s wedgie.
  • Murphy tagged in at an opportune moment, hitting Cedric in the face with a knee.
  • Alexander is the one getting worked over and is able to fight off both Nese and Murphy to get the hot tag.
  • The crowd made some noise but it wasn’t sustained. Ali and Murphy pair off with Ali hitting many high impact moves.
  • Buddy Murphy kicked Ali so hard Mustafa went through the ropes and landed dangerously on the apron.
  • Tony Nese showed off a bit to the crowd to a chorus of boo’s before working over the back of Ali.
  • The beatdown on Mustafa was very long and built to a hot tag to Cedric. Ali crawled to make the tag with the crowd clapping in support.
  • After a few nearfalls and a few almost hot tags. Mustafa finally tags Alexander in when the crowd chanted “Ali”.
  • Cedric lost the crowd pretty quickly after two clotheslines.
  • A tower of doom spot starts to build but Tony and Mustafa fall off the top rope when Murphy slips. It looks like Cedric and Nese improvise and Alexander hits a dive over the top rope.
  • Buddy crawls into the ring and Mustafa meets him in the center. Ali is able to tag Cedric and hit a quick DDT on Murphy.
  • Alexander hits a Lumbar Check to get a victory over the champion.

And I’m Like… I know the crowd was dead, I was there, but this wasn’t that good of an episode of 205 Live. The matches were matches but nothing felt special. 205 Live usually has some really good matches with hot finishes. Not this week though.

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