El Cuervo de Puerto Rico Released From Hospital

El Cuervo de Puerto Rico Released From Hospital

On November 19, 2018 in Mexico City, El Cuervo de Puerto Rico and Angel o Demonio faced off at Lucha Libre Boom. The match came to an end when Demonio tossed a concrete block at the Luchador, causing him to be knocked out.
El Cuervo, suffered a broken nose and lost several of his teeth.


The next day it was reported that Cuervo had to go into surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain, which may have been caused from the match.
We are glad to report that the surgery was a complete success and the luchador is in great spirits.

Ultra-Violent or Extreme rules matches such as death matches/hardcore matches are prohibited in Mexico. The promotion and promoters of the show are potentially facing consequences.
The Boxing and Wrestling Commission of Mexico has suspended Demonio from wrestling in the country.

You can reach El Cuervo on facebook.

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