REVEALED: The Reason For Rey Mysterio Leaving WWE & What Brought Him Back

Rey Mysterio has had a long career in professional wrestling. With time, his body had been battered and hurt quite a bit. It was possible for him to keep up with a full-time road schedule. He would leave WWE back in 2014 and was still a pretty big name then.

He spoke to Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, where he revealed why he had left WWE and knew he would be coming back. This is what he said:

“The opportunity was definitely on the table and from the moment I left, I left not giving a detailed explanation to media or to whoever had any doubts or questions about why I left. I knew that between WWE and myself this was a part-time farewell.”

“You know I needed to take a break. I needed to rest. I needed to be around my family and just pick up on a lot of things that I had missed out on over the years just being on the road and traveling and dedicating so much time to this sport that I kinda pushed my family aside and don’t get me wrong, my wife has always been very supportive of what I do and my kids as well. But when your kids are young they don’t understand why dad has to leave every week. They don’t understand why dad is not there for their birthday or special events at school. They just know that dad’s working, dad’s on the road.”

“Now that they’re older they understand that. They understand what I do. They understand the impact that I have in life and in other people’s lives so that’s a big — that was pretty much my answer of why I was stepping away from my contractual agreement with WWE. I started working the indie scene, I did a little bit with Lucha Underground and toward the end of my independent run I was working more in Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling. So that was definitely on my bucket list to accomplish in my goals throughout my career and sure enough, you know the beginning of this year, 2018 I got an opportunity to come back for the Royal Rumble be a guest appearance for the Rumble and I think that just led to everything that’s happening now.”

Rey would add how his return to Smackdown Live was ”incredible” and he can have matches with superstars both new and old. We hope Rey would continue to stay with the Company after his contract ends in 2020.

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h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.