Nia Jax Responds To Haters In A Savage Way

Nia Jax has a lot of heat on her right now, after injuring Becky Lynch with a stiff shot to the face. There is also those backstage who don’t approve of her getting a push either.

Nia spent Thanksgiving with her family but she decided not to use her phone for two days. Once she logged back into Twitter, she had a lot of notifications.

“Imagine being able to put ur phone down for 2 days & enjoy quality time w/fam & friends w/o needing to post it for VALIDATION. Oh wait, you TROLLS don’t know what it means to have genuine relationships! Stay mad at my success” is what she said on Twitter.

She even used #Facebreaker in order to get even more heat from fans. It seems like she will just try to get as much heat as possible.

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