Daniel Bryan Explains Himself And Says The Yes Movement Is Dead

On this week’s episode of Smackdown Live, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan would explain his actions against AJ Styles last week.

He spoke in the third person throughout the promo. He said how the old Daniel Bryan they once knew died. He has been reborn as ”The New Daniel Bryan”.

He said the change within him started three years ago when he announced his retirement. His time spent in multiple hyperbaric chambers gave him the meditation he needed to heal and regain his goal of becoming WWE Champion again.

He said he was he no longer fought for the fans. He had remembered that he was going to fight for him and his dreams only when he gave a low blow to Styles last week. In the end, he said “The Old Daniel Bryan is dead. The Yes Movement is DEAD,”

It’s interesting to see this New Daniel Bryan. We will have to see how his feud with Styles develops.

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