Braun Strowman Injured On RAW After Brutal Assault

On Monday Night Raw, in a 3 on 3 elimination tag team match, Braun was the only member left for his team. But then he would get hit by Baron Corbin with a chair, and the match ended in DQ.

Afterwards, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre launched a brutal assault on Braun, picking him apart. Then Baron would take charge. He would wrap a belt around Braun Strowman’s wrist and extended it out after bashing him with a chair again. Then Corbin picked up the ring steps and sandwiched Braun’s arm in between the steel ring steps.

Braun’s elbow started bleeding and after he was able to back on his own two feet, he told referees that he couldn’t feel his fingers.

This assault might play into the storyline between him and Baron Corbin.

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