King of Dong Style: Joey Ryan Injury Update

Joey Ryan Injury Update

The King of Dong Style has been out due to injury.

On November 16, 2018 Ryan shared updates on his current injury.

This is what Joey Ryan reveled:

“The MRI revealed that I have an acute tear of the left pectoral major, including a high-grade tear of the clavicular head at the myotendinous junction and a high-grade intratendinous tear of the sternal head with retraction and hemorrhage into the muscle belly. Disorganized fibers of the muscle-tender tear identified within the deltiopectoral groove. The doctor is recommending surgery and I’m to call the surgeon on Monday or Tuesday to set up an appointment to see them. A timetable on recovery will be determined by the surgeon.”

We all hope that Joey Ryan gets well soon.

You can find Joey Ryan on Twitter @JoeyRyanOnline

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