You Like the Bad Boy! The Bad Boy Joey Janela – Must See Matches

You Like the Bad Boy! The Bad Boy Joey Janela – Must See Matches

Joey Janela  known as Bad Boy Joey Janela, born July 4, 1989, is a game changer for the world of professional wrestling. Janela has been called many things such as talentless, high risk, and so on. This was because of the types of matches he was working and the shows he was putting on for crowds.

Janela most know matches are death matches, a particular one is with him and Zandig.

The Bad Boy of indie pro wrestling has been wrestling for over 10 years and has hosted 2 PPV events. When it comes to extreme or hardcore wrestling Janela knowledge is beyond his years. At a young age he learned the business and how to develop his talent.

You can catch Joey Janela at serval different promotions. The most common ones are CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling), WXW (World Xtreme Wrestling), Evolve, and Absolute Intense Wrestling.

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Where to find him

Zandig vs Joey Janela CZW Wrestling

Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn Beyond Wrestling

Ultimo Dragon vs Joey Janela

Drew Gulak vs Joey Janela-Carnival Night


These are no way ranked in any order! But I do feel that these are a few matches everyone should check out.

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