Probable Way How Becky Lynch Got Bloodied On RAW

Becky Lynch along with the Smackdown women’s Survivor Series team invaded RAW in the go-home edition for Survivor Series.

It was absolute chaos everywhere, and in the process, Becky Lynch dawned the proverbial crimson mask. She would go on to no-sell the actual injury and just prove how she is truly The Man.

But it did make us wonder how she got busted open in the first place. After checking the clip below, it is quite obvious that Nia Jax was the reason why she got bloodied.

While Becky was in the corner with Nia, Jax would drop an elbow on Becky which caused her to fall to the mat, thus busting her open.

We do hope the cut isn’t as serious as it seems since she still has a match at Survivor Series. But there is a chance of her wound reopening at the event. We do hope Becky will be alright.

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