Price Of WWE Stock Takes Massive Hit This Week

A few months ago, WWE’s stocks reached an all time high. WWE Stock was trading at $97 a share at one point, however since then the company has been surrounded by controversy stemming from their recent Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

As of earlier today WWE’s stock was trading at $70.07, which as you can see is a huge drop from the high water mark the company’s stock value had reached just a couple months ago. If you remember we had reported at the time when WWE’s stock had reached the $97 mark, that many top level executives began unloading millions of dollars worth of WWE stock, which is rather interesting now considering how far it has fallen.

With just a week removed from WWE’s Crown Jewel PPV, the company’s stock price dropped a massive 7% yesterday alone, which is around $5 a share. What that means, is WWE shareholders took a huge hit yesterday, losing a whole lot of money.

We will keep you updated on WWE’s stock situation as it continues to develop, however as you may know the market fluctuates all the time just because the price took a large hit this week it doesn’t mean that it will not go back up.

WWE will be entering their first year of a huge billion dollar television deal with the FOX network in 2019, which one would think would again drive the value of company stock up. But as our friends at RSN love to say, “only time will tell”.

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