NXT Recap: Episode 476

Last week on NXT: Nikki Cross went to war with Mercedes Martinez and won. The Street Profits finally got their chain and solo cup back. Matt Riddle kicked off his flip flops before winning his debut match. Oney and Burch won a match and then a huge brawl broke out with Undisputed Era and Ricochet, Pete Dunne and The War Raiders. Overall was one of the best episodes of NXT in a long while.

Cold Open

There wasn’t one.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Forgotten Sons

  • Commentary team lied to us. They said “The Forgotten Sons have also got the WWE Universe talking.” I don’t think anyone talks about these dudes.
  • Steve Cutler has a mask to protect his broken nose and it honestly adds so much to the groups overall look.
  • Tucker Knight was taking care of the Forgotten Sons himself but tagged in Otis Dozovic just for shits and giggles.
  • Otis Dozovic brings me the most giggles when he is wrestling. The dude is so charismatic and somehow both super intense and playful.
  • Otis isn’t known for his smarts though and that’s what The Forgotten Sons capitalized on to take control of the match.
  • Forgotten Sons hurt Dozovic’s arm and relentlessly decimated it.
  • Otis was able to get the hot tag and Tucky came in like a house of fire.
  • Tucker hit a senton off the top rope onto a standing Steve Cutler and it only got a two count. It was tremendous though.
  • One thing that I like about TFS is that they sure do know how to wrestle. Overtime I hope they develop more to invest into with their characters.
  • This match has a lot going on and is really good. Heavy Machinery took the win in a match that could have went to either team.

And I’m Like… This match was better than it had any right to be. It was pretty by the numbers until Act III but when that third act hit, it turned this match on it’s head. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple matches out of these two. Great stuff!

Candic LeRae didn’t answer the questions from the reporters about her husband. She is more interested in getting at Nikki Cross.

Shayna Baszler was chilling with her horsewomen talking stuff about how Kairi Sane is garbage. William Regal came in and said Sane gets her rematch at War Games. The match will be two-out-of-three falls.

Dakota Kai vs. Taynara Conti

  • When I saw Dakota on NXT UK I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to see her on NXT anymore. Good thing I was wrong.
  • Dakota Kai’s theme song isn’t on Apple Music yet. It’s one of my favorite theme songs and I check the music app constantly.
  • Taynara also has one of my favorite themes and that song isn’t on streaming services either. Tragic.
  • Remember that one episode of NXT where Taynara was a part of Undisputed Era. Yeah that never went anywhere, which seemed interesting for a bit.
  • Taynara has grown a lot as a performer. She is vicious but also manipulative. Trying to manipulate Dakota, who is normally naive. Kai seems to has grown as a character and has become a bit hardened.
  • I know Bayley and Dakota Kai have many comparisons, but Bayley went on the run of her career with an injured hand. Dakota Kai at the moment is also wearing a hand brace.
  • Dakota’s right hand is injured and Taynara keeps working on it. It’s weird to watch because non-lucha wrestlers usually work on the left arm. Good thing Dakota is captain of “Team Kick” or else she wouldn’t have much offense with how bad her arm is hurting in this match.
  • Kai hits her sunsetflip back stabber rather quickly for the win.

And I’m Like… That was short and sweet. Kai’s finisher is called the Kai-ropractor. These women didn’t have much time but they maximized their minutes and put on a really entertaining bout.

Mia Yim is asked about how NXT is. Mia says “it is literally a dream.” Then the Un-duh-feated Bianca Belair interrupts. Mia don’t take no shit even when Bianca points her long ass pony tail at Yim. Mia calls herself the HBIC but nstead of bitch she says “Head Baddie In Charge” Bianca says what we all are thinking “Girl… Nah uh”

And I’m Like… Lots of video packages in between matches. It’s nice because we get storyline progression without wasting any minutes. Johnny admitted that he was the attacker because he wanted to beat Ciampa one on one. MLW also has this structure in their hour long program. I’m not too mad at it.

Velveteen Dream vs. Lars Sullivan

  • Velveteen rocking a captains hat. I’d be his Gilligan.
  • I still don’t know if the screaming at the start of Lars Sullivan’s entrance song is from Full Sail or actually in the song.
  • Lars’ tongue isn’t orange this week. Nice to know Lars is in good health.
  • This match starts out hot with Velveteen trying to get the jump on Sullivan, but Lars is too strong and takes Dream to the woodshed.
  • This feels like a Takeover match.
  • Dream flies over the top rope to the outside on Sullivan and this wrestling match became a brawl very quickly. Everyone maximizing their minutes on this show!
  • Velveteen Dream is rather large individual, which makes it all the more amazing when Lars tosses Dream around like he was a small child.
  • The match finally slows down when Lars puts a chinlock on Dream. That didn’t last long because Sullivan showed off his strength by throwing Dream over the top rope.
  • Nigel says Sullivan’s strategy is to beat Dream so bad that Dream will be unable to compete at NXT Takeover War Games. That way Sullivan can just get into the title match.
  • Sullivan is doing the Yokozuna special. The trapezius hold.
  • Dream was able to wake up the crowd during his comeback by countering a flapjack into a gorgeous dropkick. Dream knows he has very few chances to gain the advantage and he is not letting that go to waste. Dream tries the Dream Valley Driver but isn’t strong enough to hold Lars up.
  • As Dream and Lars fight on the top rope, I can’t help but notice how thicc Sullivan’s thighs are. They are wider than my actual body. While Sullivan got taken off the top rope by Dream and has his mouth wide open. The orange tongue is back. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT???
  • Dream hits the DVD and goes for the Purple Rainmaker. Ciampa shows up and Sullivan is able to hit the Freak Accident for the victory.

And I’m Like… What more do you want in your wrestling show? This match was outstanding and the finish isn’t bad at all. Ciampa is the prick that would cause a distraction, Dream is the valiant hero that tries to take on all comers and Lars Sullivan is the monster who won’t pass up an opportunity. Both men’s light shone bright tonight.

Lars leaves the ring and Ciampa is the vulture that picks Velveteen’s bones. Ciampa says “You’re not in my league”. Dream has the entire crowd behind him but it doesn’t help. Ciampa sets up the NXT Title on the ground and Vic Joseph does the Michael Cole special “No nnnno no no no no”. Dream is able to counter Ciampa and hit a DDT on Tommaso on the title. Dream goes for the Purple Rainmaker but EVERY DAMN REFEREE comes out to stop it the crowds dismay. Velveteen feigns that he is going backstage but sprints to the top rope and hits the elbow drop. NXT ends with Dream holding the belt high as the crowd is on their feet.


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