Smark to Death Ep 53 | Eat some birthday cake, maaaan

Hello everyone, we are the Smark to Death Wrestling Podcast! I wanted to start of the episode posting by letting you guys know exactly who we are. Kyle Dillon and I are two wrestling fans from Waco, Texas. We love multiple promotions and have been fans off and on our entire lives.

We are also massive sports fans, thus we created a format similar to a sports news show. I want to give you guys a preview of what we do. Each week, the Smark to Death podcast runs down the hottest news around the world in wrestling and we do this over three timed rounds. Each round is separated by a commercial from some of our podcasting friends. At the end of each show, we answer questions from listeners that were submitted on Twitter or during the live stream.

This week, we talked about Naito turning down WWE, Shawn Michaels’ return to the ring, and we discuss what the Jericho Cruise has done for the wrestling world.

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