NXT UK Recap: Episode 06(11/07/18 hour 2)

Welcome back! Since WWE is currently airing two episodes back to back, next week is already here after only about three minutes. This week we have Toni Storm vs Dakota Kai and the big six man tag matches to look forward to, and it should be a good episode.

  • Okay so the Coffey’s and Wolfgang have now been called the Scottish trio, but no, I’m still calling them the Scottish lads.
  • Toni Storm has now been acknowledged as the Mae Young Classic winner and we get a look back at her Evolution match

Match One: Toni Storm vs Dakota Kai

  • This match should be fantastic, these are two of my favorite women, not just on the brand, but in the world
  • Crowd chanting Evolution as the match starts pretty even
  • Kai’s kicks are terrifying, that is all
  • Toni gets a great submission in and Kai struggles to get out of it, takes her about a minute but Kai finally gets to the ropes
  • Kai gets in a wicked kick that honestly I’m not even sure how it was physically possible
  • Snap German suplex from Storm shifts the momentum back towards her
  • Kai pulls of an amazing kick in the corner after running around the side of the ref
  • I know I’m talking a lot about Kai’s kicks but oh they’re fantastic
  • Storm hits Storm zero, and that’s it, but wow Kai put up a good fight

Winner: Toni Storm

  • Aww yay, a hug in the ring
  • Jinny jumps Kai on the ramp and it looks like we’re setting up Storm vs Jinny

Progress Report: Toni Storm and Jinny are the only two Progress Women’s Champions, just pick any of their matches, they’re all fantastic

Match Two: Zack Gibson vs Amir Jordan

  • I still don’t know why the crowd take their shoes off for Gibson, but they do
  • Gibson throwing Jordan around quite a bit to start the match off
  • Gibson is one of the top heels for a reason, even just his wrestling is mean
  • This match is going longer than I thought it would, Jordan is getting some good offense in, including a missile dropkick
  • Jordan taps out to the Shambly Gates

Winner: Zack Gibson

  • After the commercial break Gibson is still in the ring heeling it up
  • After a lengthy promo Gibson gets interrupted by Trent Seven

Progress Report: Trent Seven is the Progress Atlas(opposite of Cruiserweight) Champion, and will be defending it on 11/11/18 in an open challenge

  • Seven somehow gets the crowd to chant “Shiny Head” at Gibson
  • Seven brings up how Gibson wasn’t at the first UK tournament and couldn’t beat Dunne, and again the shoe thing, I don’t get the shoe thing
  • “If you hate Gibson, shoes off”
  • Seven challenges Gibson for a match right now but Gibson walks out of the arena

Progress Report: Jordan Devlin was just announced to fact Chris Ridgeway at Progress Chapter 78 on 11/11/18

Match Three: Kenny Williams vs Jordan Devlin

  • I’ve loved Williams since his fight with Kushida last year, and I’m so happy to see him here
  • Some great high flying from both men in a solid sequence
  • Williams is looking great in his debut match for UK and the more I see Devlin the more I like him
  • Williams hits that fantastic wreckingball dropkick and then a back elbow off the top rope for a near fall
  • Lots of nearfalls in this match, I love it
  • Devlin hits a big slam to put away Williams and win the match

Winner: Jordan Devlin

  • I wasn’t always a fan of Devlin, but he’s not too bad actually, I enjoyed this a lot, and I hope we see a lot more of Williams soon
  • Big six man tag is up next
  • Huge announcement from Johnny Saint next week

Match Four: Ashton Smith, Flash Morgan Webster, and Mark Andrews vs Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang

  • Mark Andrews starting with Joe and gets planted on his face
  • Andrews flips out of a potentially bad spot and tags in Ashton, who is looking great early on
  • All six end up in the ring, but official keeps them apart
  • Mark Coffey and Smith facing off, some good flying offense from Smith
  • Joe back in facing Smith and pounding away with big strikes
  • Joe hits a Cesaro swing style move but holding Smith’s head instead of legs, brutal
  • Mark Andrews in now facing Wolfgang, Flash Morgan Webster still hasn’t been in yet
  • Joe Coffey gets some stomps in on Andrews outside the ring while the ref isn’t looking
  • Nigel on commentary sets up a dynamic of Mark Coffey being calculated while Joe is the wild one
  • Mark Andrews finally hits Stundog Millionaire after a long beatdown
  • Webster finally gets in the match against Wolfgang, hitting his usual weird, high flying arsenal
  • Smith gets some strong strikes in on Wolfgang but gets distracted and all the Scottish lads triple team Smith for a near fall
  • Smith superkicks Mark Coffey, Joe hits Smith but Andrews is legal, Joe tags in Wolfgang, Wolfgang gets hit with DDT, rolls outside
  • Webster gets Wolfgang outside and dives onto all three Scottish lads and rolls Wolfgang back into the ring for a near fall
  • Joe Coffey finally pins Webster to end the match

Winners: Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang

  • Episode fades to black asking who’s left to challenge the Coffey brothers and Wolfgang