The Cream In Your Coffee The King of Taunts: Must See David Starr Matches

The Cream In Your Coffee The King of Taunts: Must See David Starr Matches

The Product known as David Starr, is known by his many nick names and probably one of the most entertaining men in indie wrestling. He has the ability to make you dislike him and the ability to win you over. His in ring performance is fantastic as he taunts his opponent  in every match no matter if you are a man or a woman. Starr has competed in a several wrestling tournaments and can be seen on several promotions such as PWG, Progress, Rev Pro, Defiant, CZW, Beyond and More.

Below is a list of Starr’s nick names:

  • “The Cream In Your Coffee”
  • “Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler”
  • “The Physical Embodiment Of Charisma”
  • “The Jewish Cannon”
  • “The 104 Minute Man”
  • “Mr. Americanrana”
  • “Davey Wrestling”
  • “The Main Event”
  • “The King Of Taunts”
  • “The Product”
  • “He’s Really Good @ Twitter”
  • “The Bernie Sanders of Professional Wrestling”
  • Jim Smallman exclusive-“The Circumcised Savior”

Here are a few must see matches from The Product David Starr:

CZW – David Starr vs Matt Riddle


Bobby Fish & David Starr vs James Storm & Matt Sydal

Marty Scurll vs David Starr – Exit Wounds

Travis Banks vs. David Starr

Nick Gage vs. David Starr : Beyond Wrestling

David Starr vs WALTER – Road To No Regrets

These are not ranked in anyway but these are some must see matches from David Starr that I think everyone should check out.

Where to find the Jewish Cannon

On Twitter @TheProductDS

Upcoming matches:

Where to buy merch and support Starr:

David Starr’s Bottom Line Merch

Pro Wrestling Tee’s David Starr

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