NXT Recap: Episode 475

Last week on NXT: I was waiting on Comcast to fix my WiFi problems. EC3 defeated Adam Cole. Mia Yim debuted with a win over Aliyah. Johnny Gargano revealed himself to be Aleister Black’s attacker after Aleister was the most bad ass. Lacey Evans is a tradwife. Matt Riddle is hyped to debut this week.

Also, I’m changing the recap style to my old style “And I’m Like… style”. I brought it back for the 205 Live recap and it just feels right.

Cold Open

  • A video package on the Aleister Black situation.
  • How William Regal has been the detective and Nikki Cross knows who attacked Black.
  • Then we see when Black came back and appeared to be the only person who Nikki Cross actually listens to.

And I’m Like… We haven’t had actual confirmation that the attacker was Gargano. All Gargano said is “I’m here” after Black asked “Where is he?”. Also, the Black/Cross combination is something I didn’t know I needed. They are a perfect pairing. As Becky is the most over Superstar on the main roster, Little Nikki Cross is the most over NXT Superstar.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Nikki Cross

  • Mercedes got a very loud pop when her name showed up on the screen. The crowd must not have known the match was happening and got hyped when they realized it.
  • Nikki wrestles as her character which is a trait that shouldn’t be understated.
  • Martinez went for an exploder suplex and dropped Nikki on her damn head.
  • I was listening to Wrestlesplania today and they had mentioned that Martinez is only about 5′ 8″. So when Nigel says Martinez uses her height to her own advantage it really shows how small most woman Superstars are.
  • Nikki mounts a comeback and the crowd doesn’t react much. After a top rope cross body, the camera zooms in on Nikki’s face, showing that she is bleeding from the outside of her nose… Like I don’t think Nikki has a nose piercing but it sure looks like if she does, it got pulled the hell out.
  • Mercedes hits two back drop drivers while screaming and then lands a German suplex. Martinez is relentless in her attack but instead of going for the pin she keeps trying to hit big moves. That gives Nikki enough opportunity to turn the match around.
  • Nikki wins with The Purge (spinning fisherman suplex)

And I’m Like… Well, that match hit and it hit hard. That was a battle by two of the toughest women on the roster. How Mercedes Martinez isn’t signed yet is beyond me. She been in the game for a long time and still is working a day job! This woman should make a living off of wrestling. Candice came down dressed in all black while yelling at Nikki. “You’re messing with peoples lives. What is wrong with you?” Which is weird because we don’t know who Nikki said did it to Aleister and so why should she be blamed for Gargano? Aleister comes out next and scares Nikki off. Then when Black goes to confront Candice, she steps to him!! They have a conversation that we can’t hear.

A recap from last month of the match between The Mighty and Street Profits. It’s crazy that Street Profits are now Evolve tag team champions.

Street Profits vs. The Mighty

  • This match doesn’t even have a YouTube clip on WWE’s page.
  • Montez is my favorite male wrestler on NXT right now. The man is hypnotic. He oozes charisma and is so fluid in his movements. Truly a special talent.
  • The Mighty come out to their Dynasty Warrior music while wearing Street Profit chains and a Solo cup.
  • This was the same set up as their match last month. Montez Ford is still just as pissed.
  • Street Profits have the same shoes that my daughter has.
  • Profits are in charge for the majority of the match, especially when Ford tags in and takes on The Mighty by himself easily. Dawkins just sits on the apron and watches.
  • The Mighty take control when Ford is tagged in. Montez is so good he can do the hot tag and hype the crowd. He can also make the hot tag because of his ability to build sympathy. So Street Profit matches are usually designed for a quick hot tag for Ford followed by a large swath of time used for Ford to build for his own hot tag.
  • Dawkins gets tagged in and tries his best but the crowd just ain’t giving him the same love they do Montez. I feel bad for Dawkins because this tag team is the best thing to happen to his career, but it also cemented him as the Jannetty of the team.
  • Ford is able to hit Shane Thorne with a kick to the head and a frog splash for the win.

And I’m Like… Street Profits get their cup and their chains back. That means this feud is about done. I can’t put over Ford enough, but let’s not forget The Mighty. They are able to have some fun matches as well. I really enjoyed this feud and am glad it adds depth to the tag divison.

Regal announces that Ciampa will wrestle Velveteen Dream for the title at Takeover. Aleister interrupts looking for Johnny Gargano.

Lars Sullivan sweatily destroys equipment in the backstage area. He complains that the championship shot is his and not Dreams. So he will attack Dream.

Luke Menzies vs. Matt Riddle

  • Matt Riddles theme song is crazy. It’s like a G-Funk era song with Matt saying “Bro” in a very horny way. He also kicks off his flip flops in one jump. Bro.
  • As the crowd chants “Bro”, Riddle smells the crowd like they are Jimmy Johns giving out free smells.
  • A test of strength starts the match and without them even breaking their grip Matt is able to do a monkey flip and turn that into an armbar.
  • Matt wrestles barefoot, which means I’m always cringing waiting for a toe to break.
  • Riddle is if The Von Erichs all absorbed into each other and smoked so much weed they were permahigh and fought MMA.
  • Riddle wins after a bunch of kicks, a bunch of elbows and a submission. Nigel called it a “version of the abdominal stretch with a deep crank on the ground.”

And I’m Like… Matt Riddle is as much of a star as Montez Ford. That is my NXT dream match right now. He just has it and IT is wonderful. I love that NXT is getting more and more wrestlers that get me excited to watch every week.

This is shown and my heart bleeds for Kairi.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Humberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza

  • I had to see how much time was left in the show. This match seems like the main event but I have no idea why. Plus it isn’t even on the YouTubes.
  • The match is pretty standard too. Carrillo and Mendoza have the speed advantage but Lorcan and Burch are too technical and too tough.
  • Burch blocked a moonsault by Humberto by getting his feet up! Kicked Carrillo right in the face and it was fantastic.
  • Raul got the hot tag from that. This match is fast paced and is really fun.
  • The crowd is starting to cheer for Mendoza and I am hella surprised at the quality of this match.
  • Lorcan and Burch get the win after the draping DDT.

And I’m Like… Pleasantly surprised. That match was quick, back and forth and fun. Probably the most surprised I’ve been on NXT. Six minutes before the show ends and that is the final match of the night. Good on Oney and Danny.

The Undisputed Era cuts a promo in their backstage dealy but The War Raiders attack them! 

  • Adam Cole got Rey Mysterio Lawn Darted. Which was tremendous. The scenery makes it for an amazing sight.
  • Really feels like a scene out of The Warriors.
  • Ricochet shows up!!! This is one of the better brawls in the past few years.
  • Bobby Fish ran by a half opened freight door to try and open a locked door leading to the same area.

And I’m Like… What a hot ending to a great episode. This might be one of my favorite episodes of NXT I’ve seen in a while. We had so much happen, storylines progress and characters develop. There were hot matches, surprises and crowd reactions. Probably the best hour of wrestling from any company. It ends with William Regal doing the obligatory War Games announcement. The next TakeOver is War Games and they didn’t have a War Games match scheduled yet. Still great stuff.

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